Ursus Venale

It’s about 5:30am. I’m usually up this early in the morning, but this morning, I’ve taken things into overdrive. I wasn’t going to let the sun rise and set on this day without at least moving forward.

I have never had this much problem selling my teddy bears. I am truly freaked out. That’s not hyperbole. I’ve had coffee flowing since 3am, thinking, testing, cramping my brain with ideas on how to get these last six bears sold. I went from selling two bears a day to two bears this whole month.

That really frightens me. I mean, are they not cute enough? Have they just run their course? Is the story behind their origin just….too far in the past for people to know how valuable these teddy bears have been to me? Is it just because it’s January? Well, if that’s the case, I need to get my financial ass out of January as soon as possible.

So, I’ll try again to push my plush darlings in any way possible. After all, Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. So, if you’d like to gift one of these bears to someone whom you think could really use some love on Valentine’s Day, grab one of my bears by clicking here. 

And if not? Let me know why. I could use all the advice possible right now.

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  1. Well doll. It is January. The time of the year when a lot of us hibernate and have taken a vow to not spend any money. That, and let’s face it – most of your loyal followers/readers have a bear, have gifted bears and have pretty much exhausted our capacity to find an acceptable excuse to buy another bear. That new alpaca yarn is a step in the right direction – because soft! But I think it’s also time to explore other options. I know your “world” is a bit focused. But is there a small shop in the area that gets tourist traffic that might care to sell for you at a modest share of the profit? Are there other online outlets you might take advantage of? Your other animals have always sold well haven’t they? Cats, Lions, etc.? I’m hoping some of your other followers will have good ideas for you that will help get you out of this slump. Take a breath, think about things. It’ll come to you – it always will.

    1. I agree with you, Yarnvixen. January is a slow month for selling. People are out of the “buying mindset”…. holidays are over, and the Christmas credit card purchases are hitting home and needing to be paid. Gregory, try putting some hearts with those bears. Also, try a lion with a heart…… come up a kitschy line to go with it……you can do this…. .

  2. You WILL make it! What a clever user of Latin!! I can only imagine sales are slow because people are limiting their spending in the face of Christmas bills. But, I have faith your sales will pick up.

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