Bear Hug

If ever there was a time where I am adamant about clutching these little teddy bears and praying they would help me, it has been the last few days. If you’ve been reading since Monday, you saw how panic stricken I’ve been over the loss of sales. And I mean a MEGA loss in sales. I really thought I had left that whole philosophy of knitting “paw to mouth” behind. I thought I was about to soar….

But, despite everything, I’m still optimistic, I’m still ambitious with my trademark sense of hope. And of course, I’m always certain God will take care of me. And that isn’t something that you just think about or meditate on. No, you have to believe that.

So, I’ve been asking for sales, advice, recommendations, anything at all to get me out of this slump. I am so thankful for everyone’s suggestions. I really am. I’m going to start implementing some of them in the next few days.

To anyone and everyone who has bought a bear from me in the past, I owe you not only the biggest bear hug you’ve ever had, but I owe you my life. I truly do. And to those of you that haven’t bought a bear, I am so looking forward to hugging and thanking you, too.

I have three bears left. And the honest truth is, I really need them to find new homes today. So, click here, peek around and decide which of these three you’d love to adopt. I can’t wait for you to have one, you’ll really never look at a teddy bear the same again. There is something protective about my bears, something that only the soft cuddle of my little guys can provide: the biggest bear hug of love you’ve ever had.

Click here to buy a bear.

If you appreciate my writing and would like for this blog to continue, please donate to help keep it going. Every single dollar helps! I couldn’t do it without your support.


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