I just love this picture. I’ve really gone into hyperdrive knitting up teddy bears. THAT is a sign of some really REALLY amazing progress on my part. I’m starting to feel focused again.

Now, there are only two bears left, both wearing one of these cute little sweaters….because you have to stay nice and bundled and cuddly in winter. I was trying to use up every scrap piece of yarn I had, so I thought using spare, leftover yarn for sweaters was a great idea. Now! Off to knit some more bears, just as soon as these get sold.


I sure hope you love these little bears. I’m hoping you’ll peek through the shop and snag one of the last two left. Click here to take one home.



  1. Bravo Gregory, very glad to read positive posts now.

    Please do not forget Valentine is approaching, people might like to buy Bears with a knitted heart (or with a heart intarsiate in the jumper) for the 14th February, just a humble suggestion. Big hugs G

  2. Your bears are really cute. How about you made some Valentines or St Patrick day bears….I bet they would be cute. Sending blessings your way

  3. I love the picture of the four bears, they look like theyโ€™re on a toboggan ride! And the sweater bears are extra cute with lovely little details. I agree with previous posters that special occasion bears might be a nice addition, although I donโ€™t know how much extra time and effort it would take. Iโ€™m a knitter, but I rarely make toys, I now have two of your bears living with me, and they do indeed bring me joy! When my 2 year old granddaughter and I have a video chat, I bring out my bears to wave to her, say hello, and give her virtual hugs. Her face lights up, she smiles and giggles and sends them hugs and kisses in return. And thus the joy is multiplied and expanded. Thank you, Gregory!

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