I’ve been writing so much that I haven’t had a little teddy bear to post in a while. I have little scraps of yarn here and there. Partials and remnants are loafing lazily in my knitting basket. You know, not enough yarn to make one complete bear, but just enough yarn to allow some creativity. Now, the biggest yarn concern I have when knitting a bear is the body. That takes the most yarn, the head is next, then the appendages, and finally, the ears. So, if my skein is looking a little limp, I’ll start with just the head and appendages and ears, the body? Well, we’ll give him a sweater, but with not enough yarn to make a complete sweater, I mixed in other colors and did stripes and trims with what seemed like just a few inches of left over yarn.

(I love doing challenges like this….I LOVE challenges).

I had enough yarn to do two bears, both in the same fashion and style, both of them slightly different only by the remnant yarn I used to make their sweaters. And side by side, they looked like friends. The kind that ask, “What are you wearing out tonight? I wanna wear something similar, but not the same.”

I had great fun with these two bears. I had a great time going through little strands of yarn and seeing how I could add them to my bears. Yes, a bow tie would have been nice, but I have to admit that is one of the few skills required of young men that I never learned. Instead, you’ll have to settle for a ribbon tied as a bow. If you’d like to take home one of these friends, click here.

PS. I needed a prop to rest the bears against to get the best light for this time of night. Our cat, Bacon, made himself available. Condition was, he was allowed to sleep through the whole ordeal. So, if you’re allergic to cats….sucks to be you.



  1. Aww, the newest bear is really cute. The colors, tie, and especially the sweater remind me of a little boy dressed up for a special occasion.

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