Bear Cupboard

Well, if things are going to get worse before they get better, I’m actually really concerned about the state of our pantry. Phillip just sent me a text from work. He is hearing rumors that the grocery stores are going to start closing early. Hell, if I can’t get toilet paper now, I’m not sure what the chances of getting anything else are.

Here is our cupboard as it stands right now. Not at all prepared for two weeks of “isolation” they are forewarning us with. And with no cash, these two bears need to finally find a home. Click here to find them in the shop.

Good luck everyone. Maybe this will be a great time for us to reconnect, refresh, and actually miss being with each other in real time.


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  1. I work at a Walmart in Wisconsin. We are completely sold out of bath tissue, paper towels, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipies, face masks, and diapers. As soon as we stock them, groups of customers come and fill their carts and within an hour the shelves are empty again. It’s like they are preparing for the apocalypse, not a 2 week quarantine. Hope you are able to find what you need there in Florida.

  2. I’ve read Publix stores are closing at 8PM for sanitizing and restocking. Kroger stores are not closing early, at least in my area. After work today I went to try to buy groceries and was pleasantly surprised to find nearly everything on my list. Good luck to you in Florida.

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