Silly Girl. Teddy Bears Don’t Have Cooties

Well, the world certainly has gone strange in the last 48 hours, hasn’t it? The Orlando Convention Center, Disney World, Universal, Sea World, (and Gator World, for all I know) have all decided to shut down over concerns that swarms of people potentially carrying the cooties will come infect and kill every one of us….

Now, that’s a big deal for our little town. If the big guys shut down….there is a sad, sad trickle down that happens to the rest of us that live in the shadows of Mouse Ears and Superheroes.

Then somewhere around noon today, the powers that be in the City Beautiful said that we should go ahead and stock up for hurricane season now…..not for a hurricane, but for a potentially deadly pandemic just ready to fester and kill all our fun.

No one is prepared for this. Not here, not where you are, not anywhere…..except maybe those amazing people that live like preppers out in the middle of nowhere. They know what’s up. They’ve been getting ready for SHTF for a along time now.

Meanwhile, everyone else is freaking out. Do you know I actually saw a PSA where they were looking for volunteers to teach people how to wash their hands? And I always kinda keep one ear to the ground when it comes to homeless and I started asking, “Well, what are THEY supposed to do if everyone is being asked to stay home and be ‘socially distant?’ (I am not a fan of that phrase, “socially distant.”  Sounds like a snob being aloof).

“Well, they can go to a shelter.”

Sure, corral them all up, stick them in a space too packed full of people and they’ll all be just fine. Isn’t that a normal day at Disney anyway? The homeless have mass contagious outbreaks OFTEN that you don’t hear about. Hepatitis. Tuberculosis….And I’m assuming an amazing amount of corona cases that no one has thought about. That is, if the disease is really as contagious as it supposed to be.

Shelter? Please….

Now, if I’m thinking about it, I’m hoping the powers that be in the City Beautiful are thinking of something rather than the shelters to help them if they need to find a place of quarantine.

Now keep in mind, I’m an agoraphobic. I famously leave my house for only 30 minutes a day and that’s IT. But, even I’m inclined to say out of the side of my mouth (with one hand coyly covering it like a shy geisha), “I think ya’ll are acting a little crazy.”

I’ve always called the television the “lie box.” I recently changed that to the “hysteria box.”

So, while my friendly corporate neighbors in Orlando are closing their doors, I’m still open for business.

Yup. Crisis? I survive in crisis. I insist on it. I excel in crisis. I push in crisis. My entire 10 year career as being “Mad Man Knitting” has been nothing but a crisis that I always seem to survive. And I truly thank so many of you that point that out and remind me of that.

This “deadly” disease isn’t going to make me broke again. Hell, I’m already broke, the only broker than this broke is back to being homeless because the world decided to be “socially distant.” (Ironic that so many people I know seem to have been “socially distant” since the beginning of “social media.”)

So, I have two teddy bears left to sell. I can see some people shrieking, “CORONA VIRUS COULD HAVE BEEN ON YOUR HANDS! YOU COULD HAVE KNIT IT INTO YOUR BEAR!!!AHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

Silly girl. Teddy bears don’t have cooties.

So there are two bears left in my shop. But, if they’re sold always have the PDF copies of my books that you can buy and read. And, well, there is always this blog.Because if this blog entertains you, makes you think, makes you feel something a little better about your day, your life, your craft, then feel free to donate.

We’re all going to be fine. We’ll get through this. And if I’m wrong? HA! Then please come looking for me in the apocalyptic wasteland. It just might be the first time in my agoraphobic life that I was finally found in public, met someone who had read something I wrote, and hugged in real life.

Bring it….

If you appreciate my writing and would like for this blog to continue, please donate to help keep it going. Every single dollar helps and I couldn’t do it without your support.









  1. Love your blog and your books and your knitting, and the fact i can disagree with you (I never have so far although i’m more of a reader than a speaker) so i am going to disagree with you on this corona virus thing because i have more insight. The reason i have more insight is because i’m originally from Italy but moved to Texas 14 years ago. My whole family though lives in North Italy, my parents, sisters, nieces, nephews and a lot of more close or distant relative. They are living a nightmare. This virus is so contagious and the complication percentage of all cases is so high that the health system is collapsing. They don’t have enough beds in ICU, not enough respirators, not enough beds to treat everyone because they are getting sick by the hundred everyday. 17600 people as today in 3 weeks with almost 900 deaths. It’s a mess. It’s as severe as it looks on tv. I have a friend who works in one of the hospitals in north italy. The few info he shares are frightening, horrifying. People die alone because no relative is allowed to get in their rooms. The doctors and nurses are exhausted, and 600 of them fell sick as well. It’s a mess. So don’t take it lightly and believe me, the onmy way to stop the spreading is to stay at home and avoid people. Otherwise it will continue to spread at a high rate and our medical system here will collapse as well. Hugs to you and Philip and stay safe, please.

    1. So, that begs the question. Why did Italy of all places end up being one of the nastiest places of infection? What did Italy get wrong? Why are there more infected people there than anywhere else in such rapid time? So quickly! Faster than anywhere else in the EU? WHAT did they do wrong, not in failing to contain the virus, but what did Italy do that had them smacked with it on their doorstep before anyone else?

      1. Hard to say. I would think people didn’t take it seriously enough and blew it off with “it’s just like the flu” and therefore, acted irresponsibly and spread the virus more. Also, italians are very social and very “physical” in a way..they hug a lot when they see each other in public, they love to meet at cafes and bars and just to hang out. To this day, there are still people that don’t take it seriously and the virus keeps spreading. The medical collapsing, so perhaps they can’t provide quality care as the sick are quickly growing and the capacity of hospitals is at limit. So, i cannot really answer your question, i don’t really know what the cause is. People say Italy started testing a lot since end of february so perhaps they can identify more people with the virus. United States has not been testing at all so far, so perhaps there have been cases we don’t know about. Complicated subject nonetheless, but since we don’t know enough about this virus, it’s better be safe than sorry, in my opinion. If i’ll have more answers in the future, i’ll definitely keep you posted. Hugs ❤

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