Two and One Quarter Skeins of Berroco

….yields a bounty of socks, apparently! I actually can’t believe it. I’ve had these two and one quarter skeins of sock yarn for months now. MONTHS!

I had been making my teddy bears, my lions, my tigers, my elephants and bunnies. But, every once in a while, when I was just a few dollars ahead, I would selfishly treat myself to sock yarn. I may not have had the chance to work with it right then, but I knew there would be that one day where I could shut the world away, let the critters rest and knit something for myself, to keep, to wear….even if you couldn’t see my lovely socks beneath my jeans and boots. I knew they were there….

Ok, corona….

For the last two weeks I have been knitting socks like some fiend with an addictive desire to watch the colors change, anxiously waiting for the next color way to spill through the heel, wondering which color of this self striping symphony would claim the shape of the toe.

So, I had two and a quarter skeins of sock yarn to play with. That quarter skein was left over from a pair of socks I made for Dagney Taggart. I flipped on some old classic TV, some bad old B-films, and had the time of my life.

And I couldn’t believe my eyes. That two and a quarter skeins of finger weight yarn has given me nearly 3 pair of socks, all perfectly suited for a man with a size nine shoe, and the socks long enough to reach from my calf to the tip of my big toe.

(I’m not a spokesperson for Berroco Comfort Sock, but that’s what I used. However, if anyone out there in Berroco land is listening, I’m available!)

Now, what on earth is one to do with such a mound of socks? Well, there is this great scene at the end of “The Madam and Mr. Brown.” (Coming in June, ahem….but, you can listen to me narrate the first 10 chapters here.)

Mr. Brown has been knitting socks to get out of his head….the problem is, that is ALL he has done….and there is this huge pile of socks behind him. I would like a picture of that for the back of my book.  I want that picture to be as authentic as possible. He knits a pair, binds them off at the toe with a kitchener stitch, tosses them over his shoulder with a heave into a heap….and that is ALL he has been doing.

Now, I could easily just ask people to send me a pair of socks they’ve already knit that they don’t need or want anymore, or don’t care for anymore. But, that would be cheating. No, I want to see that pile grow while I pursue the last chapters of “The Madam and Mr. Brown.”

Because, I often write what I’m knitting, and knit what I’m writing…..

And they’re both so often intertwined.

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  1. I also am a big fan of Berroco Comfort Sock – in fact, I have the same color you used, the purple, copper and white stripes. Wishing I also had the blue/purple, as that’s also a beautiful color. Just saying….. I’m a sock knitting addict, I admit it 😊

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