Never Was There Ever Such a Clamor to Go To Church

I doubt this blog post would influence anyone who isn’t of faith. But, I can’t imagine that would be my intention anyway. I’ve never asked someone to be convinced of my beliefs, for their own sake. I’ve never been a fan of someone who demands that you live your life according to their morals….whatever those morals may be at the time.

So, this post isn’t intended to sway anyone who doesn’t think going to church is important anyway. I will firmly warn you that I don’t believe in going to church either.

I think that springs from my own monastic inclinations. I don’t need a building. I don’t need other people. I need only the presence of God in my heart, no matter where I may be, nor whom I am standing near. I am content being alone with God, in silence.

But, that is my method of worship. At this point in my life, I find my fellowship with friends I have yet to meet in person.

(Wow. Friends I have yet to meet in person….)

Though so many of us have never had the privilege of a hug, it doesn’t mean we don’t hold each other any less than people who congregate in a church do.

But I understand why being near someone in a time of crisis can be more healing than a vaccine.

Now, I wrote a blog post a few months back (seems like an eternity now) where I begged churches to shut down. And I don’t regret that. Most religions (if not all) have had to worship in either secrecy, or separation since the beginning of time. All methods of worship are always under the glaring eye of (again), what morality fits the fashion of the times.

And right now? Science is the new religion.

“Don’t you dare question science!”

“But, I thought science was nothing BUT questions and theories!”

All methods of worship (not just Christian), are being treated as devilishly evil because of that.

“They will spread contagion through their congregations with misinformation and will ultimately destroy the rest of us! They shouldn’t even be in the same room!”

If different religions haven’t been able to find common ground before, then this should be the moment now. Because the morality of the media has changed its message. They used to hate Christians, defend Muslims. Pagans were “friendly, but weird,” and Jews were “greedy.” (Don’t give me that look when I say they said Jews were “greedy.” That was, after all, the message of of the failed “Occupy” movement a decade ago). The media can be finicky and fair-weather when it comes to friends.

But, with the closing of mosques, synagogues, churches and even covens, the media essentially said that people that worship someone, or something, other than scientist and politicians are flawed, primitive….even stupid for not believing in their paramount, righteous plea to bend to something we cannot see. (They used to laugh at religious people for the very same thing).

The return to places of worship in this country is being marked as a protest. Many feel it should be.

Please, go to church, but please don’t go to protest.

Please go to church, if that is what your heart wishes, if that is what you feel in your soul. But, please do not go to church because you feel obligated to protest and (going colloquial here) raise holy hell. Listen to what you’re own soul needs to make life work for you, not just now, but at all times in your spiritual life.

I find this whole discussion about whether or not you should go to church (or not) kinda funny. Because, never was there ever such a clamber to go to church….until you were told you couldn’t go.

Please, don’t go to church to prove a point. Leave that malice at home. Bring nothing but joy with you when go into God’s house.

I think some of you know what I mean by that.

Listen to what your heart tells you. Stay home or not? Protest and go or not? Find fellowship or not?

Be with God wherever I am, or not?

Just, be true to yourself….or not.

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  1. Our local drive in theatre is doing church services starting this Sunday. I hope they have a nice turn out. I prefer to talk to my GOD at the top of the hill behind my house, but that’s just my favorite place to worship. Buddha and I also hang out on the side deck where we share views with Confucius who sits on the other corner of the deck.

    1. Karen, you are my kind of well rounded spiritual person. Gregory, one can pray and worship any where, with or without company. You summed it up well…. Never was there such a clamor to go church until we are told we couldn’t go….. Thank you for your insight!

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