Patreon Caves to the Bully Movement

I just received an email from Patreon. Here is just a part of what it says.

“We’re enraged and saddened by the persistent racism that permeates our society — but our feelings won’t fix the problem. To help in the fight against racism and police brutality, we’re donating $50,000 to Black Lives Matter and other organizations on the front line. Today and forever, Patreon stands with our Black creators and with Black people everywhere. We stand with all the courageous people fighting for equality. We stand with the voices calling for change, reform and the end of racial injustice.” 

On the surface, it sounds harmless.  However Patreon wishes to spend their time and money is all completely their business. But, this statement also reads like something Patty Hearst wrote before joining the Symbionese Liberation Army.

The email also has the nuance of a warning, that if you should post something on their platform that BLM disgrees with, you’ll be shut down. They’re not about to function as a strong supporter of BLM and not be very mindful of what messages people are writing on their Patreon pages.

There was also a link to 10 creators of color on Patreon that we should all support….because they’re black. (Some of these creators have only a few hundred subscribers, others have nearly 20,000 making at minimum 5-10k a month. (I have 19 subscribers, so I’m not quite sure why some of these creators need any help. They seem to be doing quite well. Their efforts and content seem to be serving them well, so I’m not sure why they need more help from Patreon).

I am adamant when I say that I would never compromise my words for the sake of commerce. I could easily just play this silly game and say nothing about anything in the world other than knitting. I’m sure you have gathered by now, I have a lot more to say that I feel is much more important than the WIP on my needles.

Suffice it to say, much of what I have been writing, or have written, will not be viewed favorably by supporters of the BLM rage, including Patreon. It is only a matter of time before my lack of support for the BLM movement is categorized as “racist.”  (Although my argument has more to do with the BLM bullies that are being allowed to revolutionize a culture that only they benefit from. That isn’t equality by any stretch of the definition. That is, at its core, revenge, retribution, and retaliation, none of which should be condoned by a civil society).

So, it is with much regret that I’m leaving Patreon. I’m sure they don’t care, but I do. I may have only made $40 a month, but those 19 people really appreciated my work and were willing to pay to read and see things other people couldn’t. And $40 for me is a lot of money. That’s Phillip’s phone bill, or a third of the electric bill. That’s a few days worth of groceries.

But, despite that, I don’t want to feel hijacked every time I log in to Patreon to post something wondering if this is the day they close my account. And they will. A few years ago they shut me down briefly because of my views on feminism. Facebook shut me down a few years after that because I referred to myself as a “fag.”

So, it seems inevitable that a writer like would be very close to the executioner’s block, so why bother waiting for some strange social justice judge and jury to determine what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to opinion, creativity….thought.

Going forward, I’ll be sticking to this blog, where everyone can read (or not) whenever they wish. And I like the fact that my work can reach a much bigger audience by simply being available for free.  Instead of there being a paid subscription to my “secret” work on Patreon, it will be here for free. Of course, if you appreciate what I do, by all means, toss something into my tip jar.

Again, I could play the game and just keep my mouth shut, but….right now, more than ever, it is vital in the face of bullies who do not care very much for real diversity, to keep our chins our up, eyes forward, and our hearts lifted toward peace.

If you appreciate my work and would like for this blog to continue, please donate to help keep it going. Every single dollar helps and I wouldn’t have the courage do it without your support.



  1. I’m with you 100%. I’m so sick of the division in this country and BLM is 1000% to blame. How can people and businesses fall for it? Don’t they see through it? I refuse to patronize ANY business that supports that terror organization, which is who they are at their core…

  2. Don’t they realize that their money will be going to help the Democratic Party? Research BML and see where the money really goes. It’s a cover.

  3. It’s getting ridiculous and it’s a shakedown/virtue signaling world out there. On Instagram it’s the worst. One lady I follow who does canning (Food In Jars) had a photo and a lament that she was looking through Amazon for a book by a black canner (who knew there was such a thing?) and she looked at over 100 books and not one of them was by a black person. She acted like this was a crime and people chimed in at how the canning community was racist white dominate, etc. One lady had the good sense to explain that she was a black canner and her mother and grandmothers did not can because it harkened back to the field hand days when people were poor and they were proud to buy food and not have to can it. Well, at least that made sense! Duh. Not everything is about race. I just posted something to the effect of, “Well, it looks like there is an opportunity for someone to write that book!” Kept it short and positive, which was more than the original poster could say!

  4. Hi, hero!  You’re a hero because you openly follow your best instincts.  At least, that’s how I see it.  I made a very small donation… I’m hoping it’s one of many.  Hang in there! 💗💗💗Julie

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  5. I’m proud of you for standing up for free speech! I’m sick of our our rights being negated and people/groups that don’t deserve it. If black lives truly mattered to this group, ALL black lives would matter, not just thugs and criminals!

  6. I hate to comment that you are brave to speak up and express yourself honestly because free speech should not require “courage” as a prerequisite trait. We will follow you wherever you post.

  7. Bravo Gregory I wish more had the kahunas like you to take a stand.
    Who will be left to speak for these cowardly virtue seekers when they come for them.

  8. Unfortunately, people do not fully realize what Marxism actually is and what life under that system feels like. Donations to BLM support the founders, all of whom are admitted trained Marxists who intend to replace the American democratic republic system. BLM co-partners with Thousand Currents and most people donate out of reasons other than what they think they intend. We’ve become a country educated by limited scope sound bites which
    are rarely intended to inspire the reader’s curiosity to dig deeper.

  9. It amuses me that people that donate to BLM do not actually know where the money goes. If they did they might not donate. The money is not going to help and black life, it’s being funneled into the pockets of politicians. It’s been proven, the proof is out there for people to see but they are so blinded by what “media” tells them that they don’t think or look for themselves. I for one will not donate to a cause with the money is going into a politician’s pocket instead of helping people. It’s stupidity. People have forgotten to think for themselves and have a mob mentality. “Oh, so and so is a famous youtube star so we should listen to them”. Really?

    Lone voice shouting into the madness man. Love you for it!

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