If This Will Finally Find You Peace

I’m walking up to Honeychurch. The grass is nearly at my knees. A few horseflies find a moment to hover over my shoulder. I’m inclined to swat, but I pay them no mind. My mind was stewing a little. I was so ready to step through my overgrown lawn and come home and hug my house, but my mind was just somewhere else….

Jesus is now the latest on a gargantuan list of those to be dismissed. Why? It couldn’t have been his twitter feed…..couldn’t have been something he posted on instagram. Couldn’t have been something offensive he said 2,000 years ago….


Because his white, European imagery is offensive….Well, that tells me everything I need to know about your cry about racial injustice.

The desire to strip the secular sphere of Jesus based on his race and not for his preaching screams of an awful hypocrisy that should cause you to feel some shame.

You should feel terrible. Because no one who truly wants equality, no one who truly wants racial harmony, would dismiss the presence of a man, not because of his teachings, but because of his whiteness. Again, I’ll emphasize that with italics. Not his race….his whiteness.

I gave your movement a moment of my considerable thought, then lost all interest when you began to bully people. I pushed back when you were censoring art and performers, and really gave a right arched brow when you went after Eskimo Pies for being offensive to indigenous peoples. None of these demands have ever given you peace. But, if dismantling the absolute Prince of Peace will do the trick, then let’s go.

Topple statues of Jesus. Burn the Madonna and Child. Here, do it on my lawn. I’ll loan you my lighter. Shred every image you can find of Mary’s racist, oppressive whiteness. Cull any likeness to pale Jesus.

That’s fine. Because we don’t need statues and prints, mugs and prayer candles.

Our hearts burn with His presence. We don’t need His pictures, we don’t rely on icons of Him. As a matter of fact, we often close our eyes in a purposeful blindness to His image, honing our prayers and meditations towards His being. We don’t meditate on the color of his eyes, or the pigment of his skin, we bask in the quite reflection of his being.

Which tells me that none of you that are out to build by manner of destruction have ever been at peace with yourself. You don’t want to be at peace. There is too much profit to be made off of your outrage.

You won’t be hurting me if you get rid of every white faced picture of Jesus you see. Because I’m more apt to find Him, to experience Him, in how I experience you. I’m supposed to look for Him in you….At least, that’s what I gathered from the words in red. I’m supposed to look for Christ in you. I am supposed to treat you as I would treat Him….And if it pains you for someone to see the beauty in you, then brother, the problem isn’t with us, it’s with you. If you think the rejection of peace will bring you bliss, then let’s go.

If ridding the world of Jesus makes you feel good, go ahead. If that finally affords you some sense of justice, I’m with you. Cancel Jesus. Sure.

If this will finally find you peace, then I’m all in. Let’s go for it.

I just have this strange feeling that it still won’t be enough….There is too much money to be made by keeping everyone divided….

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go knit a few teddy bears. I’m in desperate need of a lawn mower before Honeychurch turns into Grey Gardens. No, knitting and writing aren’t as lucrative as professional outrage.

And I am so good with that.

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  1. No one knows what Jesus looks like. The images we see of Jesus are artistic renderings. He was born in Palestine. He would look like Palestinians and would at best be brown. He would not be European white.

    1. Correct.. and this is what Shaun King was eluding to when he made the comment of taking down statues of Jesus… the “white ones” making no judgement here, just stating facts. lmagine making MLK white to fit one’s narrative.

    2. Not Palestine, that word didn’t exist until fairly recently, there was no Palestine in His day, in spite of all those maps in the bible calling it that
      He is a Jew, I expect He looks like a Jew !

    3. And? We don’t know if he was white, that’s for sure. The people of present day Palestine may not even have been there then. There was no Palestine until England invented it. It was Israel. And anyway, it’s a European rendering of him because our nation was English and I have no problem with that. Nor do I have a problem with a Native American or a Black Jesus. We were created in God’s image. This isn’t about Jesus, it’s about dismantling the past, it’s what Marxists do to control the future.

  2. I agree with your post. I have never been one to have pictures or statues of Jesus in my house. I don’t agree with taking down all the statues/images of Jesus in churches, etc. BUT, if picturing a brown-skinned Jesus offends someone, they need to look long and hard at their own prejudices. Because Jesus WAS brown-skinned, not white.

    1. But Sarah, we do not know what color Jesus was. Many references in the Bible are about a golden skinned person, but who knows he may have been white like a Turk. That’s not the point.

  3. Wow. You really, really did a great job of summing up the latest radical attack. There is no peace for people so hateful and angry-none. They will spend the rest of their lives joyless… This might be my most favorite post yet. Stay strong. ❤️

  4. Well said Gregory! I look around my little town of Eloy, AZ and somehow felt “protected” in my little bubble of safety! Crocheting Afghans in 110 degree heat wondering if I will even get back my $80.00 dollar investment? Working feverishly on my “Spray Can Galaxy Art” posters and still continuing to work on my “Thunder Gourds” hoping and praying for the day when the Swap Meet will re-open and I once again can sell my wares? I have no TV and yet I can still get the “news” through my computer and I am shocked and appalled to see the big screen TV’s and other electronics being carried out of stores by the so called “Peaceful Protesters” the fires the looting the demonstrations and now the desecration of statues. I was not even aware that AZ now has a law saying that I must “mask-up” before entering a public place or be fined, or if I enter the store and do not “mask-up” they will have the cops remove and arrest me for trespassing! Yes this is what happened before entering Michael’s to buy one last skein of yarn for ten bucks. It’s frightening that at 74 years of age my little bubble is not as safe as I once thought it was. Hugs, Tobias… Eloy AZ tobiascorner@yahoo.com

  5. I so live your writing. Every time I read your words I can’t help but remark at how right on you are. My husband, you isn’t much of a reader and doesn’t do social media, always says you need a bigger forum so more can read your words. Thing is, it probably would be censored so in essence you’re “preaching to the choir” but please, keep up the good and much needed words. God will get them where they need to go!

  6. Thank you. Thank you for being a rare voice of reason among the self-righteous sloganeering. These are people’s spoiled children who won’t stop rampaging until the grownups make them.

  7. This post goes straight to the heart of the matter and is beautifully written. Thank you so much for your eloquence and truth.

  8. Hits the nail on the head. A friend of mine said it’s a heart issue. What is in your heart comes out of your mouth. It’s not a skin issue, it is a heart issue. Such evil lurks in the heart of man. That’s the difference. Some of us strive to conquer the evil within, to be better, other’s give in to the evil and spread it around. When one lets the evil out, they are never happy, nothing will bring them peace, they will constantly find another reason to start another fight.

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