The Subtle Art of the Knit Teddy Bear

I had one of the best moments of my life today. I did a live broadcast of my teaching people how to knit my little teddy bear from the pattern, with nuances, with a little story behind the way I designed the little guy the way I did.

I almost backed out at the last minute. I was terrified….It’s easy to edit yourself when you’re writing, you know? Speaking LIVE, off the cuff, can be…..intimidating. Especially if no one shows up. I’ll be talking to no one, pretending….

I went live 10 minutes early, only for my first words to be, “Shit. I’ve gone live. I guess I better watch my manners.” I then excused myself so that I could collect myself.

I was broadcasting live from my little office in the house. I do my best writing here. I went to the kitchen to find my soul. I do my best praying there.

A deep breath, a long look around Honeychurch, past my herbs in the window, towards that beautifully pitiful picket fence……

“Just be yourself.”

I came back, picked up my knitting needles, cast on and….I had the most delightful time. How on earth I thought I’d be alone is beyond me. So many friends showed up to cheer me on, to watch, to listen….to see how it is I make these teddy bears, how I embrace this particular end of the knitting world, how I feel this is the one thing I am a master at: the art of the knit teddy bear.

I had more fun than I could ever describe. I felt like a storyteller, like a man of folklore and old tradition. I felt like I was teaching more than just the necessary stitches to sew up a teddy bear….I felt like I was teaching the subtlety of a craft, the details, the unspoken beauties that cannot be explained in patterns, but can only be experienced with finesse and experience.

I caught myself rambling for some beautiful moments that are akin to front porch rockings while rumbles of summer thunder boomed in the distance; Southern Comfort sipped from an Archie and the Gang jelly jar….I watched the rebroadcast. I was my grandfather teaching me carpentry when I was a young boy….

As much fun as that was, I was still very serious about the work in my hands, paying homage to it, making sure that nothing overshadowed what row we were on, what we were going to do next in the pattern.

I had the best time and I thank all of you so much for watching. If you missed it, you can click here. I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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