Don’t Worry, You’ll Grow Into It

So, I finished my first little teddy bear sweater. Ha! It doesn’t quite fit my little bear, but who cares? To begin with, I had the best time trying something different with my bears, something new to make them more fun. And yes, the whole time was so delightful, I can’t wait to knit up another sweater. Hey, even if the sweater doesn’t fit the bear, it would surely fit a one year old…..fashionably, if I may add.

So, I’ve decided to sell them as a set. What a great little gift for a new born. A teddy bear to clutch, and a warm and cozy sweater to cuddle in. And even with the sweater not quite fitting, that little bear is giving me the cutest little baby yoda vibe.

If this one sells soon, I’m ready to jump in and start a new set, just to keep the fun going. (And Lord knows, I could use the funds as much as the fun. I’m on a new diet to gain weight. Our food bill is going to have to go up).

So, if you’d like this little teddy bear and set, by all means, click here to take him home. There’s only one!

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  1. Hooray. I suggested Teddy Bear clothes to you over a year ago. If there is one thing kids like more than Teddy Bears, it is clothes for them. Think about the money spent on clothes for dogs! As always, you have put your own unique spin on this and it is brilliant. Best wishes.

  2. I agree with the clothes idea. You can sell different outfits that we can buy to dress our bears. I have one that sits in a shelf for decoration. I’d love a different outfit for each season for my little bear!

  3. Love the sweater. It’s a neat idea to have an infant sweater and bear set. If you changed the ears, you could have a ‘yoda’ type bear (although there might be a copyright issue with But you could call it an elf.)

  4. Sweet, sweet sweater and the color is beautiful. He looks like he’s wearing his Dad’s sweater. You know, he was dressing up as Dad only the clothes are too big. The plan to make bears with clothes is a good one. After all, children enjoy dressing up their dolls and stuffed animals. It’s a natural expansion for your cuddly bears. And, you’ve had some fun to boot.

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