The Cuddle of a Bear and the Hug of a Shawl

So, life is beginning to get back to some kind of normal here in Orlando land. Bars will be reopening Monday morning at 12:01 am. Now, I haven’t been to a bar since I met Phillip 6 years ago, but I’m sure tons of people will be truly happy. It’s a sign that the last remnants of the lock down are easing their way into memory. Pretty much everything is beginning to return to normal operating standards….including the electric company.

Now, I knew moving into an old house was going to have its drawbacks. God knows, this house DOES NOT like the internet. It was also built well before air conditioning, so the walls, windows and the old A/C unit itself are murder on the bill.

So, I have been under one of their deferred plans to keep the lights on through the pandemic, paying partial amounts without fear of disconnect. We’ve been ok. Not, too bad. The electric runs about $200 a month, and I have been able to pay at least more than half of that every month. Except with life getting back to some routine in Orlando, the utility company has told me that they would like to have the balance paid by the 16th….$350.

Ok, then! I better get to work.

Teddy bears are my thing. They are my routine. So, I often like to look for things to make them more interesting.

Let’s recap from about two weeks ago. I was making a shawl for a homeless woman named Varnay, using yarn that was sent to me by the truckloads from a lovely woman named Lynne. I didn’t like the shawl I made for Varnay, so I tucked it away, thought I’d rip it apart and use the yarn for something else.

I started on a new shawl with a different skein and a much prettier garment was made. It didn’t matter if I disliked the first shawl or not, Varnay didn’t really want any shawl. However, a Mrs. Navarro saw the picture of the first shawl made with the yarn Lynne had sent me and asked if she could buy it. She has one of my bears made from the same yarn and thought a matching set would be cute.

So, I thought about it, pondered my options and thought, what better hug combo than a bear and a shawl???? Of course! I’ll make a shawl for you to wear with a bear made from the same skein. But, in order for them to be cool and different, they need to be random. Oh, I am having so much fun with this. SO much fun. I found this yarn from Red Heart that was perfect. They had three colorways to choose from at Hobby Lobby, so I decided to name each of the skeins after one of those ladies that inspired this particular chapter in my bears’ evolution. One named Navarro, one named Lynne, and one named Varnay.  (The purpley one above is Lynne. I can’t wait to see what that bear looks like!)

I posted the first Navarro and boy did it sell fast. Less than 10 minutes after it was posted. Mrs. Navarro caught wind of my project and commissioned me to make one for her. But, I wanted to see what this yarn looked like in the infamous “Virus” pattern. I got right to work and couldn’t stop. I showed a picture to Mrs. Navarro and she couldn’t thank me enough. Ta da! From now on, all these shawls will be made in the virus pattern, with a matching bear made of the same yarn.

Then I got another request from someone else who wanted a Navarro with the virus shawl, too! So! If you’re out there reading this, loving the pics and just anxious for the cuddle of a bear and the hug of a shawl, email me at and I’ll get to work on one for you. Of course, the bear will look slightly different, as different colors appear in the colorway of the skein as his little head and limbs are knit up. But, they’ll all look related….like cousins.

I’m almost finished redoing the Varnay with a virus shawl. That one is in the shop. Yes, it’s pictured with the original shawl, but the virus shawl I’m working on will be ready by today. The bear is still the same one, though.

Then! I can’t wait to see what the bear looks like for this very lovely, deep and rich, baroque looking Lynne set 🙂

Ok, I’ve just popped back from Hobby Lobby with more yarn and I’m back to work! A few sets sold and I’ll have that electric bill handled in no time. Have a great day!

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  1. I absolutely love the bears and shawls combinations! Please keep going on these if you can….I do want a set but have to wait until I get paid next week before I can order. I think this was a great idea to freshen up your wonderful existing line of teddies. Also, love these mixed colors combinations.

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