Oh, The Challenges!

I heard some strange person on the news this morning talking about what a challenge it is for people to sell anything to anyone on Amazon Prime Day. They said they were a small business owner, already having to struggle to stay open during corona, and just can’t compete with a company like Amazon….

I have never been a fan of that way of thinking. It’s just not in my nature to throw up my hands in defeat. It’s too easy to walk away from a dream, but what makes the dream so worth while, and so important, is the struggle to make it work, to try and try again, to find new ways of being creative, of presenting yourself and your work. You’re talking to the man who famously knit his way out of homelessness and is now living in his little dream home. (I may be only renting it, but I’ll own Honeychurch one day).

Now, let’s do a quick dance with the devil and play his advocate. Someone could easily protest and say, “I dunno, man. You can be awfully morose sometimes.” Granted, and I won’t disagree. But, the intention to be better, get better, work harder, do more, do whatever is necessary to see my dream come true, always still shines through.

The process can be painful, it can be extraordinarily overwhelming, and can over take your life. You can end up an inflated, overly ambitious beast who stops at nothing, crushing people on your stomp down your path…or you can enjoy it, find the creativity and inspiration from what isn’t working, find enthusiasm in the mistakes, and learn that the pursuit of the dream can be just as passionate as goal itself.

Now, someone beautifully commented that I had been writing a lot about working through some emotional things and was feeling better…. might I post a picture of me finally smiling? I laughed! It was an adorable comment! I know precisely what she means. My photos can look….aloof, a little deadpan, strikingly moody. Ok, then. I know….

Well, I love challenges. Like I’ve mentioned, Honeychurch is always in need of cash, so I had a handful of this yarn left over and it was enough to make up a little bear….but, that’s not fun enough, you know? So, I decided that if I can sell this little bear by tonight, I’ll will happily splash a picture of myself grinning from ear to ear. 🙂 Sounds fun!


We got a donation last night, so now have paint. Just your basic primer, but I am so ready to splash these walls clean and make them bright and ready for painting! But, while walking through the house dreaming of colors, rather than complain to myself about all of the bad spackling and holes where pictures were hung, I caught myself daydreaming instead of what pictures might have hung there….and who hung them? I think so often of only this home, I sometimes forget about the lives that were once in it, too. I think there’s a lesson in there for me. But, I’m still painting this weekend. 🙂


So, if you’d like the bear click here. There’s only one. I’m at the ready to take a picture of me giggling, so hurry!

If you appreciate my work and would like for this blog to continue, please donate. I wouldn’t have the courage to do write without your support. 

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