The Bears of Honeychurch

It was a truly beautiful stroll around Honeychurch this morning. The love I have for this home simply has not waned, although lately I was feeling all that love was going to be for nothing. Owning this home one day is no longer an impossibility. For, all things are possible….if you believe. And despite what is happening in life today, I still feel in the deepest part of my heart that this will be my house one day.

Every time I walk up to this house, I swear I see it smile when I arrive, the Golden Rain tree brushing aside with the gentle whisper of her words on the wind: “I missed you….”

The vibrancy and beauty I have experienced in this home have been so rewarding, life affirming, proof that hope clarifies any doubt in the workings of the Universe. After all, I yearned with all of my heart to come back here one day…..and the Universe said, “I’ll make it happen.” Whenever you think your dreams are never going to come true, think about the ones that are already coming true and embrace yourself in that current feeling of having your dreams come alive and you’ll remember that nothing is impossible.

I want to get started on a book this week. I want to show the progression of my life from that humble little studio, just after being homeless, to years later coming back to live in the house it was attached to. I’ll be able to see how I’ve grown in some ways, and explore why I’m still stunted in others. A tome that catalogues that difficult, but beautiful travel “back home” the minute I moved out of that studio….

I have been taking notes and setting up a soundtrack. (Yes, I love to write to music, I use scores as “scenes” in my head).

I think it’s going to be an amazing piece of work. I have ten years of this blog I can go back and look through, remind myself of where I was, who I was then, and what I really wanted out of life….and how I actually got it.

I’m going to start working on it this weekend so I can have it ready before Thanksgiving and have it on Amazon before Christmas sales begin and start working my way towards the big dreams, the really monumental dreams. Instead of knitting my way upstream, I could write one book that could have me moving down stream.

In the meantime, I’m still a renter. I’m a couple of hundred dollars short on rent this month, but you have no idea how much progress that is. I don’t bow my head in shame when I say I’m short this month, but not by much, because some months this struggle was a lot more difficult. It got a lot better for us this month. A LOT better. (And they will continue to do so!)

So, I’ve been busy this weekend knitting a couple of bears. I love how Honeychurch looks like it has bears scattered everywhere….(And she does :)) One day I’m going to take a picture with the lawn just scattered with teddy bears!!!

You only see four now because I’m only allowed 5 things in my shop at one time. So, when one sells, I’ll quickly be putting up another one. You can find my shop here.

If I sell these bears, I’ll be pretty close to making rent. The rest, I’ll pray for. I hope ya’ll have a truly beautiful day.

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  1. That is a story in itself. “The Bears of Honeychurch House”. Wishing you the best. You don’t have to own things to be blessed or be a blessing. Love your writings.

    A fellow knitter

    1. “The Bears of Honeychurch House” sounds like a wonder series of kids books. Stories of mischievous bears up to all kinds of shenanigans!! I LOVE IT!!

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