The Christmas Tree Mystery

Phillip and I were gifted a Christmas tree.

We are never at a loss for comfort here at Honeychurch. The minute you walk through that front door you feel transported to a time and place that feels nothing but warm and cozy. This house is a big warm hug, with a big warm heart. And I really wanted a Christmas tree for that broad, beautiful corner at the very center of the house, right there where the very walls that hold this whole dream up converge.

It’s the most beautiful thing that could have happened this Christmas, our very first Christmas at Honeychurch. It’s one thing to feel the glowing heart of a home, but….oh, so different to actually see it manifested, a reality; this central, soft, warm light reminding us that we are at the right place, at the right time, feeling the presence of everything that is loving, with a comfort knowing that we are going to be fine.

However, we have no idea who sent it 🙂 It arrived on the door step two days ago with no gift tag, no return address. We quickly unwrapped it, put it up, pulled out our decorations and spent the evening feeling…..hard to explain, truly hard to explain.

Imagine it this way: you finally have everything in life you’ve ever wanted, doesn’t matter whether it’s moments in life or material things to buy, whatever it was you wanted out of life you finally have….Now, imagine if that feeling of absolute, total, complete fulfillment were able to be experienced, right where it should be, in the soul….. This long, arduous rode, full of lifts and setbacks, ultimately brought us here, to this wonderful little house we love so much….with a tree sitting with perfect, angelic beams gleaming in the corner. For with this gift, you helped to make this whole experience of life at Honeychurch truly real and beautiful.

Whoever you are, you did not just gift us a Christmas tree, you allowed two men to really feel like they were finally home….and that has made all the difference this Christmas.

Thank you 🙂

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  1. Wow, You 2 guys are truly blessed! Whenever I am feeling blue Patrick, you post something that truly touches the house of my heart. You uplift me in so many ways. I hope someday we can actually meet. ‘Till that time comes know you have not only touched me but thousands of others across the globe. Merry Christmas to you both. Hugs Tobias, Eloy AZ

  2. How wonderful! What a beautiful Christmas surprise. 🎄 Although your last apartment was modern and sparkling pictures of life at Honeychurch look like a perfect fit for you and Phillip. I’m so pleased you both are where you should be. Just don’t give up on the dream of one day owning her. Some dwellings call to us.

  3. All so beautiful – the house, the story and the tree. God bless the two of you and the person who gifted the perfect tree.🌲

  4. What a generous and wonderful gift of love and caring.. This will make your and Phillips first christmas back at Honeychurch truly memorable. Beautiful.
    Merry Christmas, Patrick and Phillip 🙏❤❤❤

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