My Teddy Bear was Bleeding….

I just love wading through the wet dew on mornings like this.

Life is pretty good. Payday is Friday, the pantry is stocked, we’re on track to having the bills paid on time, so there a just a few little incidentals to pick up until Friday. Cat litter, coffee, more boxes for shipping. Little things like that. So, under the cozy hue of a warm candle, I knit up this little bear using sock yarn. Now, I know you’re asking, “Why were you knitting by candle light?” Just something I love to do in the wee hours of the morning. No music, no harsh lights, just me with my craft left alone in the quiet.

I finished up my adorable little bear, thanked him for making it possible for me to pick up little things until payday, gave him a little squeeze, then waited for the sun to rise.

Once up, I dashed out to the front fence, to the newly blooming wildflowers. Snug up against the old wood, I began snapping picture after picture…..realizing with a little grimace that my little bear was “bleeding.”

Gasp! WHAT???? Well, that’s just my little technical way of saying that the poor bear was knit with a yarn that didn’t want to grab itself, hold itself…and in the process I ended up with a bear whose polyfill you can see. Sad, I know. I spent all night working on this cute thing, with it never once dawning on me that he was a little misfit.

Not able to make up that lost time, I thought I’d list him anyway, hoping someone would take mercy on his sad little deformity 🙂 It’s probably not that bad to someone else, and hey, by candlelight he’s perfect! So, if you’d like this little bear, he’s in my shop. I’ve listed him as low as I could (in order to meet the costs of coffee and cat litter). I’m sure he’s the perfect bear for someone who doesn’t mind a little imperfection in their hugs.

If you appreciate my blog and would like for it to continue, please donate. Every bit helps and I wouldn’t have the courage to do this without you. Thank you!

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