Nine Beautiful Women

Nine beautiful women inspired me to create this piece. What a wonderful time I had….

If you’ll remember, I asked for all of you to pick colors from a sequence of numbers, having no idea what color that number even looked like, to prove that all colors DO work in natural harmony. I quickly got to work with the first six colors that were picked on my facebook page. Immediately you could see that there would be no challenge. This palette was destined to be gorgeous, after all….nine beautiful women chose this piece for me. I couldn’t go wrong.

20210502_112850These women were captured in a bouquet, conferring before me a care and feathery comfort. Each of their souls brightly lit with the sharpness of stars, with this dramatically unique green. Like fireflies swarming lavender at night, their light guided me through the project with a mighty desire for joy and wonder.

The names of these ladies are Jessica (my sister), for inspiring the idea to do a random color palette; the six ladies who picked the most amazing colors in the world, Alida, Ally, Margaret, Noela, Sally, and Ellen, and then Esther (my teacher). These eight beautiful women inspired me to create this….but, I wanted to acknowledge one more beautiful woman.


If you’ve read this blog for so long, if you’ve helped dry my tears, helped me laugh….if you’ve just prayed for me, if you’ve just sent me a virtual hug every time you read one of my posts….then your name must be there to. I could never deny that I am most inspired by the love of sooooo many of you that are simply here for me….I love you for that.

So, there you have it. The names of “Nine Beautiful Women.” 🙂

Feel free to toss a couple in the artist’s cap 🙂


  1. Very beautiful! My heart is filled with happiness for you and Phillip, I am glad you are working through your issues and moving forward.

    If you ever decide you want to do cross stitch let me know, I have some beautiful patterns in books and I will send them to you. I cannot cross stitch with my “old” eyes anymore. Hugs to both of you!

  2. Ha! As I read, “there is one more woman,” I hoped it would be me, though I thought, how could it be? It was! I’m happy to be so acknowledged! As usual, beautiful work and writing!

  3. It’s absolutely beautiful and the inspiration is touching. The colors are gorgeous. Gregory, I love your work and I’m so pleased you’ve found your next step. Teddy bears, now you’ve found embroidery. Even more, I’m very glad you and Phillip found your way to the next step for the two of you.

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