….To Get These Flowers Growing

20210508_094255The minute I started embroidering about 4 months ago (Yeah, it’s only been that long!), never would I have realized that it would have taken off so well, that it really would become my new creative approach to things, my own new way of making beauty, and finding joyous amounts of self reflection. I really have had the most amazing journey with embroidery, have found myself growing spiritually because of it. I like this world of needles and punches. I want to stay with it as long as possible.

Unfortunately, the money isn’t coming in. I am a firm believer in the idea of “doing what you love and the money will follow.” So, I may be struggling to bring in an income with this at the moment, but I know that in time this will pay off in expansive ways.

20210508_100832I need a little seed help, to get these flowers growing. I have tons of fabrics (new upholstery! cushion covers! another denim jacket!) Floss and thread are so bountiful I catch myself trailing little bits of it on my way to the store. I need time on my side for now. I could easily spend about 10 to 20 hours this weekend knitting teddy bears and they sure would sell fast, but….I’m not excited to do that, I don’t feel like I’ve “progressed” or “grown” when I go back to my teddy bears. So, I need to raise a couple of hundred dollars to pay the electric, then the difference to tide us over until Friday’s payday. I have one item in my shop that’s ready to go, not nearly enough for what I need, but it’s a start! I’ll be working on the cushions (I see sunflowers!) and playing around with the larger hope for a more frame able work of art (Yes, I have the frame!). So, if “For Lady Buggs” is sold, please check back in the shop to see if I’ve added something else. Or, you can always support one of your favorite embroidery artists with a gift in his cap by using the donate button below 🙂

Have a great Saturday, and stay tuned! God bless you!


  1. I understand your pain. But sometimes we all have to work at something that doesn’t feed our soul to earn what we need to feed and care for our bodies. You may have to balance knitting teddy bears and embroidering flowers for awhile.

    1. I agree. Put on an audio book or movie and knit away. 10-20 hours to make bears to pay the bills would leave a lot of hours a month for embroidery. Maybe knit some bears and embroider some flowers on them. Good luck with finding a balance and paying the bills.

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