20210519_112816Well, our denim hunting in thrift stores has been bountiful! (I’m not going to even mention the beautiful box of women’s clothes that was sent to me from Holland! “Play!” My friend said, “Play with them, embroider them, put them in your shop and have fun!”

A few of you were asking if I might broaden my size range for jackets. So, from left to right we have an XL vest from the Gap (“1960” model), a light blue denim shirt that says small, but…..dude, that thing is a good LARGE. Then I have my little jacket that I’ve been playing with for a while now, just testing things, then up above we have a medium jacket from Jones and on the other wall we have that delightful fringed jacket which is a definite petite. So, I’m pretty much done with the cushions I was commissioned to work on, so let’s do another jacket. But, rather than blindly begin working on one, I’d rather it be more collaborative.

If there is a jacket that you’d like for me to work on for you, please contact me. You can find me at We work together to find the perfect design and best colors for your beautiful, wearable piece of art. Youll can walk around proudly in a one of a kind, “Gregory Patrick.” And I get to see my work enjoyed! Fun! So, contact me! I’d love to start working right away. 🙂

Feel free to toss a couple in the artist’s cap 🙂

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