Phillip’s Growbotpots!

img_3584Phillip’s creativity has been kicking into high gear lately. You see, he was missing his “Strange Friends.” If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll remember there was a golden period a few years ago where Phillip was crocheting these adorable little monsters called, “Strange Friends.” They were such a hit with people and he really enjoyed working on them. But, then life calls, he got wrapped up in so many other things that his little maniacs were put aside. But, he was inspired to create them again, but much like myself and knitting, he had no interest in doing the same routine, the same circular motions…..

So, while Phillip is in the process of building up Honeychurch as a nursery, he was thinking about what kind of pots to sell his plants in. With a million different options for him to buy online, he was ready to purchase your old school, rather bland, plastic little pot. Thank God, it was my turn to look at him and say, “Why are you trying to buy someone else’s pots? You’re an artist….make your own.” I’ll be damned if that didn’t light a bug that bit him so badly, he was running up to Ace Hardware almost immediately to buy concrete. He used household items as molds. The plastic packs that batteries come in. The lids off our can of Folger’s. The lids off of to-go cups, even! He went lurking around finally looking at every item on the planet with new eyes, through a new lens: can I use that as a mold…..

20210524_120306He’s made quite a few, but I urged him to go ahead, test the waters, branch out and see what happens. Let’s go ahead and sell one, take it to the audience, see what they say. You never know. “They loved your work before! So, I asked him to give me his first piece to sell and oddly, his name is “Number 4.” (Yes, he found a number 4 mold and has it attached to the back).

I’m proud of his creativity, I’m proud of his desire to try new things, I’m proud of desire to look for inspiration. If you would like Phillip’s very first #Growbotpot, click here. He would really appreciate the encouragement.

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  1. Hi Gregory
    Love Phillip’s #4 pot. It’s splendid.
    I’m so glad that the two of you are back together living together at Honeychurch. I was sad to read before that you had split up and that you had left Honeychurch to live elsewhere

  2. Love it!! Tell him to look for some plastic easter eggs at goodwill. We used to make some fun stuff with those. If he can find some L’egg eggs those are even better. Looking forward to seeing more of the stuff from your two creative minds.

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