The Most Fortunate Man in the World

I have to confess that I might be the most fortunate man in the world.

Bezos and Musk may have billions, but I’m going to go ahead and say with only $1.29 to my name, I still feel I’m a lot more fortunate than they are.

You have all been so very kind to me, especially now as I begin my job hunt. You see, Jennifer Slamka was kind enough to send me two new pairs of khakis, 4 adorable button up shirts, a few polos, a new leather belt and some truly comfortable (and swank) shoes for my trek around town. She also sent me some rather wonderful soaps from the Beekman Brothers, and some eye cream so I look refreshed 🙂

I was getting everything ready for tomorrow, making sure everything was pressed, that I was nice and shaved, exfoliated and primped….and I got really emotional. I started crying with this fervid joy that I don’t think I’ve experienced in a long while.

20210524_213906As I saw myself in the mirror, wearing new clothes, with polished, fresh skin, with eyes that were wide and hopeful, I saw the tears streaming down my face and I just let them roll down my cheeks with laughter. I felt so good. I felt….I felt like I wasn’t looking at that homeless man anymore, that his time in my cycle of growth had finally come to an end. I don’t even look like him anymore. I don’t even feel like him anymore. I look younger, refreshed…loved.

I know you’re all dying to see a picture of me and my new look. You will, tomorrow! The whole moment of test driving the new “Gregory” look was rather emotional, in so many positive ways, that I just wanted to share it with you.

So wish me luck. Tomorrow morning I’m going to take my $1.29, grab a Jarrito and hit the streets of Orlando looking dapper and daring, looking like the most fortunate man in the world. Hey, if Phillip sells his “Growbotpot” in the shop, I’ll spring for a sandwich at Stasio’s, then pop the question. “Need a dishwasher?” I’m also heading to Hobby Lobby. I’d be more than happy spending a few hours a day stocking shelves for $15 an hour.

That, I think is the biggest difference between how I felt before trying on my new clothes and how I felt afterwards….That I now had options, just like everybody else.

I have a tremendously good feeling about tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. I am catching up on posts, as I usually do and I am going to comment on them all with this one.
    The story of your Grandmother sounds very interesting and I will be waiting for it to come out. Phillips GrowBotPot is fab! The creativity abounds with you two. I am glad it sold. Greg I am happy for you! Seeing you grow and change and the paths that you take is an encouragement. I will be praying for you and your new job and for Phillip as well. HUGS Friend!

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