My Job Interview Tomorrow

Well! I have a job interview tomorrow.

Am I nervous? Not really. I’m a fully confidant, capable person. I’m smart, talented, witty, gifted….and the horn can keep tooting if we all wish, but….the truth is, I’m building up my own sense of self esteem.

Here, at Honeychurch, in front of this desk, in front of you, in front of my friends and the world, I’m safe. It sounds off. Weird. I’ve always felt safe with the spirit of people, rather than actual people. People hurt, souls don’t.

It’s a job that I think I’ll be good at. I can’t tell you where, and can’t tell you for whom because….well, we already have too many people showing up at Honeychurch, can’t have ya’ll showing up rooting for me on my first day at work. πŸ™‚ (I can see the management asking me, “Who are YOU????”)

Snapshot_20210606_13So, I’m anxious and prepping. Like an octogenarian model being asked to pose again, I’m pulling out all the stops. Face scrubs, brows tweezed, eye cream, hand cream, clothes pressed, hems sewn, head shaved, whiskers trimmed, winning smirk ready to charm. Tomorrow morning will look like the opening scene of “Mommie Dearest.” While the coffee is perking, I’ll be burying my face in hot water and witch hazel.

I could be interviewing to work at 7-11 or a law firm. You wouldn’t know it. The same respect is paid. I’m showing you who I am. Doesn’t matter the job. Either job will get the absolute best that I am.

I’m really excited because, I can’t stress how much this might allow me so many more opportunities that I was never allowing myself before….and of what opportunities are waiting for me, ready for me to eagerly snatch up and enjoy….just over there at the edge of my imagination.

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  1. I am so excited for you, Gregory! You’ve come such a long way just in the time I’ve been reading your work. So, tomorrow you will go to the interview fully prepared, with Phillip behind you and your readers wishing you the best!

  2. Congratulations. Step-Out and don’t look back. Know you have thousands rooting for you. Hugs, Tobias

  3. Good luck and the scottish phrase comes to mind, ‘whats for you will no go past you.’ if its for you its yours if not the next will be ❀

  4. Squee! Good Luck Greg! Please come on and tell us how it went. HUGS!! Please tell Phillip I love his pots!

  5. Oh, I’m so happy to read this! Indeed, I was checking up on you as your posts weren’t winging their way to my inbox for some reason (resolved).

    I don’t know how the interview went, but what I’m hoping you’ll take away from this is its value; the confirmation that you are valued and sought-after. Whether you got the job or not is somewhat secondary. The important take-away is that, from the myriad applications the hiring person had to comb through, yours was chosen…YOU were chosen.

    If not this time, one of the times to come. I look forward to reading all about the great contributions you’ll be making in your future position. Hugs!

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