The Hottest Book Launch Ever

I’m having a glass of cold white wine….I have an ice cube at the nape of my neck. It’s the hottest day of the year so far. Even this close to evening, it feels 100 degrees. Phillip and I are stripped to our skivvies. Everything should seem so unbearable, but it’s not. We’re actually celebrating 🙂

The minute he came home from work he found me grinning from ear to ear, bouncing all over the place. “Are your hands clean,” I asked? He queerly looks at me. “Are you going to ask if my underwear is, too? What’s up?”

228404313_814107302803571_4271495866066963036_n“My book came today.” I quickly pulled it out and show it to him, flipping the pages, removing the dust jacket so I could show the printing on the spine, held it to my breast and giggled with absolute delight. He says, “Well, we should celebrate!” Phillip treats us to a couple of burgers and a bottle of wine, as we kick back and regal first about the years long journey it took for this book to get to hardcover stage, then quickly to what possibilities awaited us….

…..yes, you read that right. Us. I didn’t catch it at first, but the more he and I were laughing and dreaming, the more I caught the both of us talking about what successes we would both have once this book is a hit with the mainstream. 

I said, “I want a little piece of land with a one room cottage, no more than 300 square feet, a little garden, and a screened in room for sitting outside at night.”

227310387_128172649510394_3844484030755599296_nHe said, “I’d like that, too. I mean….I wouldn’t mind being your neighbor.”

“You mean, we would buy maybe 2 or 3 acres and build our own little one room cottages on it?” I kinda laughed.

“Sure,” he said. “I like that idea. Maybe we’ll have a wall of trees between us, but with a gate so we can pass through easily and visit each other.”

I paused to think of it for a moment and it wasn’t a ludicrous idea. You see, we do no not hate each other. We love each other, but cannot and should not live together. But, if there was another way….a way that allows freedom, but also tethers the soul to a lifetime companion….what is the harm? 

“It would be nice to have a friend nearby.” 

227578900_343501070798354_1201379408629154019_nWe clinked glasses and he went back to reading my book. “It really is very good, Gregory. I’m awfully proud of you.”

“Thank you. That really does mean a lot to me.”

I sat back and thought about how this book reads like Phillip and me. I think it reads like good ol’ Southern Gothic. Two mentally broken people in a crumbling old house dealing with the burdens of their once great pasts as humidity drives them to drinking…. and knitting and crocheting. They can’t be together, so they live their love for each other through a hole in the wall…through a barrier that somehow works for them. Funny….

It’s a good night for a book launch. Actually, this should have been the way I celebrated the release of this book. Just Phillip and I. But, we would certainly love to have you celebrate with us  and grab a signed copy in my shop!

I can’t wait to spend tomorrow finding out how to get Netflix to turn it into a movie 🙂 




  1. Bravo & Kudos to you Gregory for publishing this in hardcover
    You know how much I love all your books and how much this book that I read became my very favorite book of all (and I’m a passionate reader). I’m your #1 fan of books and bears and I guess I’m your groupie……I just finished reading about the celebration you and Phillip had and immediately went into your shop and yes even though I have this book on my kindle, I just had to buy the signed hardback and now I have all of your books you’ve written……….Looking forward to the sequel of this book which I know will be fascinating to see what becomes of them and their relationship or lack of (hopefully not) and their lives moving forward

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