Seen By Every Star in the Universe

With my current schedule, It looks like Sundays just might be when I’m doing most of my writing 🙂

I’ve always been fond of Sundays. I believe in a day that is mandated for resting, introspection, and thoughtfulness. With the way the world is at the moment, it’s very difficult to have any time of quiet, personal self reflection. Of course, I blame the cell phone. I don’t carry one. I have one, but….truthfully, I use it as a camera and a clock.

The fear of missing out has people frantically scrolling through media feeds as if their lives depended on it….ironically missing out on some of the more important things in life. We could both catalogue a long list of what those things are, but to simplify, peace and contentment.

They must be seemingly old fashioned ideas, because all I can seem to see when I plug myself into the internet is a barrage of messaging that despises the notions of peace and contentment. Anger and hostility are new national pastimes (with no one seeming to ask, “When did we become ok with this?????”) And contentment can’t possibly be achieved if you’re always unhappy and miserable. And be mindful, that misery on a grand scale can be seen by every star in the Universe.

So, I chose to purposely shut all of that off a few months ago and I can’t tell you how precious the world is now. When once I spent hours following the fist pounding pundits and talking heads on Sunday mornings, I now wake to Rick Steve’s Europe and the Great British Bake Off. I love having coffee in the morning and hearing where Rick is going to take me once my agoraphobia and this pandemic have become nostalgic chapters in a future memoir. I love then dipping into the delightful, daisy driven spiritedness of the Great British Bake Off….(where, let’s be polite, every one is so freaking NICE to each other!).

And that’s how I like starting a day, distant from the drama, set aside from the frustration of every other living man’s frustrations. Especially a Sunday. Then of course, there is that ever soothing silence that is so precious to the soul. Time in quite is so needed right now. Maybe not for the rest of the world, but for myself at least. Good feelings allow me to day dream, and when I quiet the mind and shut down all of it’s yelling and need for attention, I get to be inspired.

I love thinking about what to write about next, what to knit next, what to learn next (making lace!), or even what to read next, see on the street next, what weird wonder will this little neighborhood inspire next? There is peace in daydreams like those, versus the ones that begat cravings and desires based on hostilities. Someone out there is going to call that good old fashioned greed. I disagree. All of those things you dream to one day have or lord over someone just out of resentment is nothing but spite…..

233760787_1749909275192674_6455355064892629433_nBut, peace and contentment are so much brighter than aggressiveness and self loathing, it brings kinder people to you, feeds your soul with warmth, allows you to function with some ease in times of instability. Peace and contentment bring you the best of daydreams and inspirations, brings you the thrilling reminder that yes! you are alive! here! NOW! Peace and contentment enrich you with empathy for your brother, negates all hatred for his soldiers, and forgives any harm all of them may have caused you. (I love Jesus turning the other cheek, as if he were truly saying, “Go ahead. Smack the other one. I’m not gonna hate you. Hit me up and down, left and right. I won’t change my feelings on this. As a matter of fact, ya’ll are gonna kill me one day and even then I’ll be asking God to show you forgiveness. So, smack the other cheek. Come on, hurry up. I’ve got five thousand people to feed.”)

That kind of beauty can only be found in peace and contentment, only those kinds of riches can be found in peace and contentment…..and honestly, that is the only thing on a grand scale that every star in the Universe would like to see.

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  1. I can’t wait to hear what you will be writing about next – hopefully the sequel to The Madam & Mr Brown…………It just begs a follow up……..

  2. You can consider Sundays time out for “spiritual maintenance”. I love your upbeat nature and positive attitude. You must be a hoot to your friends and anyone you live with. 😀

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