An Update on my Weight….

I had all but given up on scales, on weighing myself. It was always depressing, heart-breaking to look and see that all the eating I was doing was worthless. My weight had dropped to 98 pounds and I was left devastated. Then a little less than two weeks ago I was blessed with a Papa John’s gift card. The minute I received it I ordered the biggest pizza I’d ever seen in my life. Then I kept using the gift card, over and over. So, for the past 10 days or so, I’ve had half a large pizza and half a tub of ice cream for dinner.

A friend of mine told me earlier today that I looked better, not as sick. I looked like someone on the mend. “Any idea what you weigh right now?”

“Nope! I’ve given up on trying. And as long as you say I look better, then I trust you and I’ll leave it at that.”

But, I was so curious to know if I had started gaining weight, because the majority of my problems with food are stress related. If I’m stressed, I don’t eat. So, while I’ve been blessed with an abundance of pizza, I’ve also been cleaning out my head and my spirit of any unnecessary stresses. The stresses of the world are not of my concern right now. No, not until I’m at a healthy weight. Let me worry about myself, get all tidied up, get healthy again, both in the body and in the mind.

240950346_198938288893843_887809155438231520_nSo, the minute I hit Publix I jumped on the scale to see that my weight had gone from 98 pounds….to 104! Woo HOO! (I actually did shout, “Yes!” Which I guess people rarely do when they pop on a scale, so I got some looks 🙂 )

I was so encouraged by that plop and drop of the needle as it bounced between 95 and 110 before finally bobbing on 104. I dashed into Publix to add some new items to my diet. Potato salad, Pulled pork, more ice cream, Hawaiian rolls, fried chicken….wow. I nearly broke the bank, but who the hell cares? I’m gaining weight! FINALLY!

With a full belly I pen this post. With a big smile I write about this little success. With a warm heart I thank all of you for helping to make that happen. 🙂

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  1. Not a little step, Gregory, this is a milestone for you – 5 lbs!!!! Keep going because if you have some extra weight, when stressors happen and you can’t control it, you’ll have a “cushion” and can coast along and weight loss won’t be so devastating. 30 pounds more for that 6′ 0″ man-frame of yours. Hugs. 🤠

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