The Pillow Guardians

I love to be inspired. I love when an idea just smacks you up side the head.

241542250_4257563427697013_7297199330953077402_nI was taking a picture of this purple bear I was trying to sell yesterday. The weather outside wasn’t accommodating, so I propped the little purple guy up on my bed. As I was taking pictures an idea for a new children’s book began swirling through my head. Quickly, images and scenes began to produce themselves as I raced to my laptop to begin scribbling notes. Imagine, a secret network of teddy bears that place themselves (they find a way!) in the homes of lonely kids, kids that have yet to make friends, kids who seem so sad. There is one particular young girl they are desperate to help. They call themselves, “The Pillow Guardians.” 

I couldn’t stop myself. After a few hours of taking notes, I started writing the first couple of pages and WHAT FUN this book is going to be! And I’ve already started playing with all the different teddy bears, their different quirks, personalities, looks. For instance, one bear is missing an eye, is stitched up the front because he was attacked by a dog, and has a little rip in his left ear. He helps run away or tossed away bears find their way to Mr. Smokey, who teaches them how to be Pillow Guardians. 

241693635_371254487883735_599139520920525211_nOnce I finished the first pages, I sat down to begin knitting up a few of these bears, beginning with Mr. Smokey. He’s available in my shop. There is only one for now, but if this book starts kicking into high gear, expect many more in the future. I’m also going to start playing with some of the other bears, too. Like Fred. (Don’t ask, don’t want to give too much away just yet!)

I’m looking forward to spending the weekend writing out the rough draft and I’ll give you more info on Monday, and probably another character bear or two. But, for now, go visit the shop and grab Mr. Smokey! He’s also signed with a card, “#1” so that you know he’s the first one to find a home. 

I LOVE being inspired!

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