Little Bears With Big Dreams

241843373_3113730025523426_428657764942243873_nI am having the best time working on my new book, “The Pillow Guardians.” The very first line is enough to terrify you!

“He couldn’t believe his big, purple ears! He was being thrown away! Tossed in the trash!”

What I love most about working on a new book is the excitement that comes with wondering what happens next, how does it end? Much like someone binging a TV series, I take each chapter with the same unknown unraveling that you experience when you read it for the first time.

I really want to take my time with this book, but not too much time. I want three versions ready to go well before the Christmas season: a hardcover picture version, a paperback, and the kindle, of course. I also want to have a few sets of “character bears” ready to go with them. If I’m able to spend a little money, I’d like to advertise this time, do a legitimate book launch, have this little children’s book available in every book store you can think of. Not a problem at all.

I’ve always sort of hindered myself by trying to move too fast. I get eager, I want to share my work….now I need to start doing that more methodically, at a pace that allows the book to grow long after I’ve finished writing it. As a matter of fact, I caught myself doing a silly timeline to show that I could have “The Pillow Guardians” written and published within two weeks. WHY???? Why, Gregory, why? Spend some time with these little bears, give them big broad personalities, and let them walk you through their story at their own pace. Don’t rush the story. SLOW DOWN.

242160777_404637134663431_5085094369432010747_nI have 6 limited edition hard cover copies of “The Madam and Mr. Brown” left. I’d love to get them out of the house and then use those funds to help cover the printing costs of the next book, a little savings account that I can set aside for manufacturing “The Pillow Guardians” the right way. Those funds, plus any other income, would give me an amazing war chest to push my little book about teddy bears into the mainstream. Again, maybe this time I’ll have saved enough money for some advertising.

Since there are only 6 signed copies of “The Madam and Mr. Brown” left, I’d get one fast. They’re in the shop, the price has been reduced and I would love to sell out all final 6 copies so that we can put the Madam and Mr. Brown to bed for now, work on “The Pillow Guardians” and hopefully, this Christmas will be the big break I’ve been waiting for. So! Head to the shop and grabbed a signed copy of my book!

(UPDATE! There are only 2 copies left)

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  1. So great to hear that the books with be in bookstores!! Please list which ones, so we can purchase them there and help the bookstores as well!

  2. Your inclination to “slow down and let the bears reveal their story to you” is a good strategy. No need to rush — opt for a quality storyline, well-defined characters, good editing and the ability to appeal to the audience.

    Looks like you sold out “The Madam and Mr. Brown” books. I missed the boat. Sorry, but more important priorities took precedents: electrocuting a rat population in my backyard and rigging up a security system lest the gypsies return (again) and burglarize our house. I love living in Chicago!

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