I Want To Thank Someone Important….

I really have no idea how to embroider a magnolia. But, I had a client who really wanted to memorialize her grandmother with a magnolia. So, I set out as quick as I could to find any means available so that I could learn something as intricate as that blessed flower. With all of its folding petals and beautiful cream hues, the magnolia (in my book) is one of the most difficult flowers to embroider.

244953768_1049503295784307_6991854965853798185_nThat’s why I was so happy to work on this piece, because it gave me an opportunity to truly continue learning about a craft. I’ve said it a billion times and I will profess one billion more: I love being a student. I don’t ever want to be a master at anything. There is always something more to learn, something more that you can know that keeps you always evolving in beautifully creative ways. In this instance? I learned more about shadow and light, perspective, depth….I’m not master class, but I sure do love the pursuit.

I really like the way it’s coming along. We’re only three days into this piece and it will be finished soon because I’m so enthusiastic about applying what I’ve learned to….well, my art.

There are so many of you that have taken a chance on my artistry, in whatever form. Be it embroidery, knitting, writing. I thank you so much for that.

I really want to take this opportunity to thank my clients for helping me to explore my crafts and make them better and more courageous every time I take to them. Every time I pick up yarn or thread for a commissioned piece, I get the chance to learn more about the talents I have and how they can expand.

I also wanted to take this day to thank those of you who contribute monthly to my little blog. Everything from $2 to $20 doesn’t just help financially…..It also helps me feel that these words that I pen are of value to you. I want this blog to be a place where you can read and feel better about anything. I want the words that I give to society at large to be of some benefit to someone. And I thank you for believing in me so much that you want to keep this blog continuing. For this isn’t really a blog, but rather, the stories, the memoirs of one man’s creative and spiritual life. I want to thank all of you, for you’re all so important to me. I see your names as you comment, like, share….I want to thank ALL of you for that support.

Because, I thank you for not only reading my blog…but, for also caring about me. I love you, too.

If you appreciate my blog and would like for it to continue, please consider donating a little something. Every bit helps and I wouldn’t have the courage to do this without you. Thank you!


  1. Gregory, congratulations, you must be very proud of yourself, the magnolia is outstanding!! I feel that way myself about learning new techniques in my knitting. It makes me happy and joyful to take my skill to a new level.

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