Feeling Blessed All Season Long

Well, it’s the third day of a new November….and I couldn’t’ be happier.

252018614_101894532283311_7869241467746937966_nChristmas is getting closer and closer and my little room is starting to look more and more like Santa’s workshop. I’ve got yarn piled up and ready to go. Bags of polyfill are stacked in the corner. I am truly looking forward to this Christmas, despite what may happening in the world with supply chain problems and everything else. As a matter of fact, instead of trying to buy things that are made in mass, then delivered across the globe, why not celebrate this Christmas with things that are genuine, rare, things that can be handed down from generation to generation. And what better gift than one of my little teddy bears.

The truth is, I’m still trying to pay my end of the rent. Phillip is being patient, but he’s not the landlord. So, I thought I’d do whatever I can to pay that off as quickly as possible by selling the bears I have in the shop (not enough to carry me across the finish line), but go ahead and take some orders as well.

252319141_412345473705399_8182566697906622755_nOne of my standard teddy bears in the color of your choice will cost $55 including shipping. Or! (And this is my favorite because I like making little clothes for my bears), you can get a fully dressed bear with a removable hat, scarf and sweater.

Or you could hire me to write your biography! All the details for that are in the shop. I haven’t had my first client yet, and I’m soooo anxious to work on something like that. That first sell could be an absolute life saver for me. Not only could I pay off my rent, I’d have enough left over to get ahead. (For the first time in a long time!) If we acted quickly, we could have a few copies ready for you to give to your friends and family before Christmas. But, we would have to get started right away. So don’t delay!

Or if you’d like to help out just to show support for my blog, donating always helps out. Some days I sit and knit myself into a frenzy, hoping to get the bear done in time for some cash, then poof! A donation will appear! I’ll do my little dance, thank the Universe that you care enough about me to do so, then get back to my knitting, but with a little ease in my needles.

I’m feeling more than just good about today. I know in my heart I’ll be able to vinmo the landlord my half of the rent, then watch a little television with Phillip with a nice meal in my tummy. If those are the worst of my problems right now, then I’m doing really well. And I want to carry that sense of feeling blessed all season long.

So, if you’d like one of the bears I have ready to go, click here to go to my shop. If you’d like me to write “The Book of Your Life,” (please please please :), then click here. If you’d like for me to custom knit a bear for you, please send me an email at madmanknitting@gmail.com. And of course, you can always donate just to say you appreciate my blog. Thank you all so much for the support!

If you appreciate my blog and would like for it to continue, please donate. Every bit helps and I wouldn’t have the courage to do this without you. Thank you!

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