Selfish, Greedy Sock Yarn

I think if you’ve read this blog for a while you know how much I adore knitting socks. There are many selfish reasons for that and I don’t have a problem saying it to the knitting community at large. I love knitting socks because I get to be selfish. 

Everything I make I sell and that’s how I pay the bills. The only thing I get to keep are my greedy socks. Oh, I love the hours circling around and around with my needles watching the color ways change, the pattern show itself, the time spent quietly in wonder of something other than commerce. Then I have to focus, paying careful attention as I turn the heel. Careful now, careful, I tell myself. Screwing this up could cause the whole thing to collapse! (Not really, but I do like motivating myself). 

UntitledThen I get to swirl again into mundane sweetness. No thoughts, just watching the colors turn and collide, blend, then subside. By the end we’re at the toe and my sock is done. I slide them on, slip on a pair of jeans, then zip up my boots….and no one can see the result of the most amazing time I’ve had: me time….

Socks are me time. Knitting socks is the time I get to be greedy and selfish with my talent and just sit back and not worry how quickly I have to make them so that I can pay rent. I don’t have to think about that with socks, because knitting socks for just a moment allows me to take down the road blocks that keeping me from moving on into happier, healthier, wealthier. 

I get to day dream greedily, selfishly about the things that I want out of life. 

So someone randomly, anonymously sent me some sock yarn yesterday.

I put my teddy bear down. It took ten minutes for me to open the package, find the sock yarn, then (hallelujah) have it on my needles. Sock yarn greedily, selfishly found its way into my hands at just the time I needed. 

I’m finally going to get some me time….some amazing me time. 

If you appreciate my work, please donate. I truly do appreciate it. I wouldn’t have the courage to write like this if it wasn’t for your support. 




  1. Love these socks your knitting and would love to know what yarn brand and colorway it is because I’m a sock knitter and would love to knit socks like yours…….Thank You

    1. Looks to me like Opal Hundertwasser sock yarn in the colorway, “Spiralsonne und Mondhaus” , color #2100. Amazon has it for $28.95 for 2. Hope this helps you.

      1. Thanks so much Gregory for the info. I love that colorway and your socks are spectacular. Off to amazon to buy it now…..I’m the same way with my socks, have a drawer with 52 pairs in it….No matter what I’m knitting there is always a 9″ circular needle with a sock on it

      2. YAY….Doing the happy dance…… the last skein on amazon…..have my 9″ circular needles (one for each sock & this is the fastest way to knit a sock cuff down or toe up) .Thank you for the info

  2. “No thoughts, just watching the colors turn and collide, blend, then subside.” This boy can write!

    This post reinforces my own thoughts of late, to keep my life off focusing on the bills, being ruled by the bills. Better to focus on what would be fun for me to do today. I expect that shifting focus to fun will bring in the money that pays the bills as a side effect.

  3. Da*n it, I want to feel giddy and experience mundane sweetness, I want to learn how to knit socks. And, I want to be able to describe it with such sublime euphoria and happiness as this man does. I’m adding this to my bucket list.

    Looks like you’ve made good headway with them. Obviously, the gifter must have known about your love of knitting socks. 🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🐑

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