Ditching Political Jesus

I have been struggling to understand this notion that Jesus was a liberal, or a social democrat. Conservatives want to snatch Him up for themselves and say he defends truly great Americans. This conversation always tends to pop up during elections, so it isn’t unusual. But, I think it’s strange that people would want to taint the teachings of someone so blessed with the poisoned arrows of politics.

To begin with, you’re under the foolish impression that Jesus would turn your eyes from God for one minute to consider something as ridiculous as a political party’s platform. Secondly, if you think that Jesus would stump for you on the campaign trail would mean he would have to reject the other party. Now that word is important: reject. I can’t imagine Jesus standing along side a nominated politician. I can’t imagine Jesus would applaud the term, “Let’s beat them in November!” I can’t imagine Jesus would give his blessing so that you could shred your opponent with hit pieces, planted stories, lies and gossip.

But, some will argue that we should support all social spending governments for Jesus believed in helping the poor, feeding the hungry, tending to the sick, distributing wealth, etc! YES! HE WAS! But, I take offense to your interpretation of what that means, for it goes against the nature of the Christian belief.

The entire concept of Christian salvation relies on the individual desire for a connection to God. And the only way to do that is through love. Love can be packaged in the form of concern and charity, but it is ultimately how a Christian finds salvation: by giving of himself to others, through the desire to give and share kindness. A Christian does not wait for the government to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, or tend to the sick on his behalf. He is implored to do so by the loving strength of mercy that resides in everyone who reads the words of Christ in red: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”

Your soul, your human experience, is diluted by demanding someone else to take care of these things for you. You are missing the grace of that moment where God, You, and the one you showed concern for become the new trinity.  The Father (God), the Son (that would be you now!), and the Holy Spirit (that great bliss from having been given love, now sharing it).

Conservatives, don’t feel you’re off the hook. I get bothered when I hear you say, “God fearing, American, Christian values.” Again, I worry about any Christian who is afraid of God. I think they’re more afraid of what the Church thinks, rather than what God thinks. And statements like these always make me feel as though piety, fear, ridicule, judgement and chastisement are all one heartbeat away from normal for the Christian thought. To have these ideas supersede the ever expanding Grace of God is a sin, if you ask me. That precious part of you that hears God in silence, whispering “love,” starts getting replaced with the noisy screams of judgement from a pulpit.

UntitledLiberals, when you start screaming about “the separation of church and state,” do you think you could start with your campaigning? Could you please not be so hypocritical as to tout Jesus as a carrot in front of people, then say months later, there is “too much prayer in our schools?” Conservatives, when you start saying that you are a “Christian,” could you please stop cultivating Jesus as a warrior, a soldier? In the presence of so many hostilities in the world it is easy to use Christ as a symbol of defense and protection, fighting along side us. It is understandable. But, in the process of doing this we forget who Christ was. We forget that he is the ultimate beacon of hope, we forget that he is the ever extending grace of God’s love for eternity, we forget that he is the light and the way for all….

So, let’s start ditching the “political” Jesus, shall we? That is until at least both political parties have Jesus figured out…..

I bet once a few politician truly realize they’re a Christian, they’ll leave politics forever.

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  1. Amen Brother! You know, so many think that they have the only way to God, and heaven. From what I understand of the Bible, we are supposed to be all one church united in God. One of my best friends was fond of saying, the Baptists will be shocked when they get to heaven and find that they are not the only ones there. I think that applies to any religion. I don’t refer to myself as a Christian, I am a believer. I don’t know if I have ever told you my eldest daughter is gay. The Bible thumpers would have me disavow my child. But in reading my Bible, it says to “Love one another as I have loved you”, “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Judgement is Mine” saith the Lord. So to me that means I love people, and don’t judge them. You hit the nail on the head friend. I just wish everyone else would realize that.

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