Just Being Comfortable

Things have been splendidly quiet here at Honeychurch. There have been no mild highs and no extreme lows….just a superbly simple stability. We don’t want for much, Phillip and I. We find so much value in moments, not things.

So, it was interesting when it was suggested to us that we have an amazon wish list for anything we might need. My brain went blank. I couldn’t think of anything, even if I were to consider making a wish list. I get posed this question every year at Christmas by mother, “what do you want for Christmas?”

…..and my mind goes quiet.

I guess when asked if there are things I need, I buckle, because the things I could use to make life a touch easier would be silly to some. I mean, if you had a wish list, what would you ask for?

UntitledFine. I’ll go big. I’ll boldly ask loudly for the one thing I think I’ve been working for my whole life. I want a one acre property near Dade City, Fl. I’ll have a one bedroom cottage with a fence….and on the other side of that fence is Phillip and HIS one bedroom cottage. A few miles east is a Publix….and a few miles west is St. Leo’s Monastery, where I can finally become a layman. I’ve written a best seller and all that we need will be taken care of long after the both of us are gone….so that surplus goes to helping any and every soul or charity we can think of that could use some help. Much as I have been blessed with the kindness of so many of you, we’d turn around and send it right back to others we believe in, that could use some support.

(I love day dreaming).

In the meantime, I could use a box fan. You see, Phillip and I don’t use the air conditioning. We’ve been here nearly three years and the first month we moved in was in the middle of summer, so we had the air on. Our bill was about $250 a month. Then the weather got cooler, the air went off, windows went open, we bought a couple of box fans and the bill dropped to about $95 a month….and every summer since, we’ve allowed this house that was designed for breezes to do its job. But, this morning one of our box fans fell over and broke.  It is quite amazing the difference in the air when one fan goes down. The heat index of 104 is surrounding the house, whilst the humidity begins seeping in through the cracks. You can certainly notice a difference.

So, what would I put on my wish list? A box fan…

If you can help with that, I’d be more than grateful.

UPDATE! The fans were purchased! THANK YOU SO MUCH! So many of you did suggest a wish list for anything else I could use, so I spent a little while racking my brain. Yes. Yes, I could definitely use some new socks and t-shirts. So, here is my wish list.

If you appreciate my work and would like for it to continue, please donate. Every bit helps and I wouldn’t have the courage to do this without you. Thank you so much for reading!



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  1. My parents live in Dade City and I have been at St Leo. I used their library while doing a paper for a community college class and my Dad and I went to see a Midsummer Nights Dream. It is a fond memory, just me and Daddy laughing our way through a college play.

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