The Turning Point (and the ride to get there)

Oh, what a blessed day!

Sitting here, trying to think of a strikingly penned opening for this blog post and I just can’t think of anything better than that. “Oh, what a blessed day!”

Phillip finally got THE promotion at work that he has worked 5 years for. For the past two weeks he’s done all of the psyche evaluation tests, the drug tests, the “do you even fit in with us” tests. And he passed them all with flying colors.

He was to report this morning to his new store for training. Now, that store is a good 10 miles from here. We don’t have a car. A bus and a bike would take him hours, we looked through the bus schedules. So, I phoned an old friend. George. You might remember him if you’ve read this blog for a long time. He’s been a close family friend since I was in my 20’s. He only lives a few blocks from here. He lives in this lovely old tropical home that I spent seven years in….but, we can talk about that later.

I phoned George asking if he would be able to rent us his truck so that Phillip could get to his MIT location. (That’s “manager in training” for you laymen 🙂 Oh, and he’s also a PFW. I had to ask what that meant, just in case it included some kind of benefits. He said it stands for “promoted from within.” That DOES have benefits!)

Anyway, George said “no” quite quickly. “No. Phillip driving my truck is a problem. My insurance won’t cover another driver. However, there is another way around this. I would be more than happy to drive him there and then home when he’s done with his shift….”

SAY WHA??? “REALLY??? Are you sure?”

“If the only thing stopping that man from making double his pay is 10 miles for a few weeks, we can find a way to get him there.”

So, George came over yesterday (bringing some pineapple plants to propagate as a gift!) and he and Phillip hashed out how this was all going to work. And as far as we can tell….everything is working out perfectly. George just picked up Phillip a few minutes ago to take him to what I lovingly keep calling, “Phillip’s first day of school.”

UntitledI had to take a picture because I did feel…Well, I just felt so damned proud of the man. I wanted to pack him a lunch…all of those silly, adorable, caring things you do for someone you love on their first day of growth and uncertainty. His boss sent him a message this morning. “Be yourself and be proud of that. We’re all behind you.”

This was a grand turning point in his life. When Phillip was offered the job a few days ago he was weepy when he said, “I’ve waited my whole life for this.”

You just can’t help but praise a man for feeling that proud of the 50 years he’s struggled to finally get what he wants. It’s been a hard road for Phillip. But, he finally realized that he had people in his life that wanted him to do well, just for the simple sake that they love him. Hell, a friend of mine from 30 years back was willing to jump in and say, “I’ve got time! I’ll give him a ride!”

As I pen this, Phillip is walking into his MIT store for the next few weeks….but, most decidedly so, that beautiful man is taking his first steps into the manifested reality of everything he ever wanted: people that love him, to be paid his worth, and to share his joy with others.

I’m so proud of you, sweetheart! And yes, if you are reading this, we are ALL behind you!

Oh, what a blessed day!

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  1. To quote someone “Most Excellent”. Glad this is working out for him. You sound better also. Let us know how his first day goes.

  2. Please offer Phillip my heartfelt congratulations. And, just think, it’s not even Christmas. I hope Philip realizes that with George driving, he’s sure to get there “lightening fast” 😄

  3. Congratulations to Phillip! I know the feeling. I wish him only the best and please keep us up on how he is doing. Those few weeks will fly by.

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