Sock Yarn Mana From Heaven

There was an early morning knock on the door….

I peeked out the kitchen window, just then having my first cup of coffee. Like an old man I scoffed, “Who the hell knocks this early in the morning?” I saw my mailman leaving. 

I gathered a pair of trousers, stepped out front and found this massive box. Written in red were the words, “Open carefully!”

I brought it inside, ripped it wide, and to my wonderous surprise it was filled to the brim, the absolute tippy top of the box with sock yarn. DOZENS of skeins. I got teary eyed. I still can’t believe how beautiful people are to me. 

You may have wondered where my teddy bears have gone, and why I’m so fixed in the head with knitting socks. Well, I am working on two bears for a client, but the rest of my teddy bears are resting right now. They need (as all ursus do!) a period of hibernation….just to rest before the season. They’ll be waking from their naps in about a month or two, ready to be gifts for Christmas. 

In the meantime, socks have kept my mind comfortable company. I kind of need their company right now. The spinning rounds of colorways, each of them a surprise, allows my mind to process so many questions I have right now. Honeychurch is changing in really big ways lately. Phillip is about to flourish. God knows he is putting in the time at his training classes ten hours a day. He is going to be reaping the benefits of so much of that soon. I’m very proud of him, of course.

It’s inspiring, really. So inspiring that it hits home sometimes. I don’t make the money he does, haven’t for a while. I watch him advance and I want to do the same, so I struggle with this idea about what I’m supposed to do next. (The rock star in me decided to be a monk). That’s a cute way of saying it, but the truth is I want desperately to be quiet, listen to my God, stay out of trouble and be creative in ways that blesses all of us. (And now I know with such clarity why 25 years ago the brothers would not allow me into the cloister: having you here would be a waste. You have so much to say.)

But, I also have this truly itching desire to do more, to expand, to create an empire if I want to, to…grow. I will not lie when I tell you I feel a little left behind right now. Not by Phillip, not by Honeychurch, but left behind by myself somehow. And not because of anything or anyone but because of….what’s the word? (Wrack your brain if you want, Gregory, but you heard the first word that popped into your head. Admit it.) Yes, it was “fear.”

Yes, dear God I am terrified and I don’t know why.

So sock yarn has been helpful in processing a lot of things going on my mind….and I had just finished my last skein (gifted to me by Mary).

Well, here you go! Not even knowing I was out of sock yarn, Saint Estate Lady blessed me with sock yarn mana from heaven 🙂 Take the time you need to think, be inspired, and flow….

UntitledI didn’t know which skein to start with, so I thought I’d enlist your help (and mine). The picture you see is a capture of the color ways. But, there are at least 3 skeins to every color! Where do I start? I won’t decide. I’ll let you. You pick the skein you want and those are the socks I’ll make. I’m not taking orders. No, not at all. I’m doing ONE pair of socks for the first person who wants them. You pick the skein (or two! both socks don’t have to be the same!) and I’ll show the progress of your socks on social media. The cost is $30 and that does include shipping and I can always use the work. You should have your socks in about a week.

And it really is first come, first served. So, contact me at if you’d like for my next socks to be yours. I’ll post an update when this next set has been sold, so hurry and be the first. (UPDATE! Socks were sold!)

Oh! I picked up one skein just to flirt with (as you can see in the picture). I felt a need to pick that one just because it was reminding of autumn. The season are changing. Life is changing….

If you appreciate my work and would like for it to continue, please donate. Every bit helps and I wouldn’t have the courage to do this without you. Thank you so much for reading!



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  1. I understand your desire in this post, of being left behind by yourself. When I was in teachers college, I had my life plan. Then it crumbled—the longtime bf left, politics and education changed, I had changed for my bf and no longer knew myself. I settled in to a new life but for 25 years have felt like I missed out…even though I raised three kids as my primary function. I am held back by imposter syndrome.

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