Phillip’s Advent Adventure

We’re scaling down Christmas this year. Instead of a big, fat, full of gifts day, we’ve been playing with little gifts throughout the season. I grew up in Europe. Christmas is nothing but a blessing of advent calendars, three or four of them if you can, ready to be opened and loved every single morning. 

Phillip has never experienced that. To him, Christmas is one day, one day only….and after lunch, Christmas is over.

So I was adamant that he know that particular sort of joy I had growing up as a kid in Europe, tugging at all of those beautiful traditions. (I remember putting my shoes outside our apartment when I was in third grade, waiting for St. Nicholas to leave me either candy or coal). You don’t have to wait until Christmas Day, you can give and gift (and happily receive!) and celebrate today.

So we were blessed with two advent calendars. One with chocolates, one with Funko Pops from the Marvel Universe. 

Phillip asks, “So, how does this work again?”

“Well, you start with day one of advent. You open that window and enjoy your gift!”

He pops open the chocolate calendar first, unwraps a little foiled Santa and greedily mows down. “MMM! GOOD!”

Then, with suspicion, he reaches for the Funko. He cracks open window number one and pulls out a red wrapped little treasure. Ha! He’s so anxious he opens it with his teeth! 

Plop onto the floor drops the most adorably detailed Groot you’ve ever seen. The both of us sat back with true admiration. 

Phillip asks with beautiful wide, fantastic eyes, “And this is just day ONE???” 

I smile and giggle and affirm.

He didn’t make it the 24 days. I couldn’t stop him, didn’t want to. He’d come home from work, soiled, tired. He’d shower, he’d eat, he’d rest on the couch and ask, “Do I really have to wait every day? I’d love to open another one….”

I’d cave. I’d done the same as a kid. I just didn’t have the patience. And besides, I loved watching his face fill with joy.

So, Phillip and I have ripped through our advent calendars.

We just couldn’t wait to celebrate. 🙂

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  1. This made me laugh so hard! I was always spoiled by my mama. She’d give me an advent calendar (and an Easter basket) every year. She died in 2021 and I figured that tradition was pretty much over. NOT. My sister Lola sent me a calendar last year . I rejoiced, except that it got smushed in the mail and none of the doors would open. So I tore the front off, exposing all the chocolate at once. It didn’t last long! This year’s calendar came well packed and features designer chocolates made by a woman near where Lola lives. There was a little card inside which read “Do not open all of the windows in one day!” So far, I’ve managed to open no more than 2 a day and I actually missed a day yesterday. I was sick.

  2. What an adorable story – I laughed through most of it. My advent calendars were paper, about 11″ x 14″ no chocolates, and the image would either be the nativity scene, santa claus or a snow scene. I loved them – they were were oh so pretty and colorful. My favorite was a snow scene which usually had glitter. I don’t remember opening any more than just the one per day – Mom would not let us. However, I did learn great patience!!!!

  3. I think it is lovely! Honestly, I forgot to open mine last year but I was awfully sick at Christmas. My advent calendar got opened when I got home from the hospital. I am sorry I have not written to you in a while, my life has been filled with stress and worry and pain. In July my Daddy was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer. He and my Mom decided to try treatments. First he had to undergo brain surgery and then start the treatments. I spent time running back and forth from Tennessee to Dade City trying to help my mom. Along with brain cancer he had dementia. He would sneak out of the house when she wasn’t looking and invariably fall and get injured. I thought of you every time I headed home and wished I could take the time out to say hi. The treatments were supposed to give him at least 11 months. However because they were giving him radiation and chemo at the same time they killed his bone marrow so his body was not producing blood. Because of his faith he would not take blood products, so two weeks after my last visit, he died. He seemed to have a good week while I was there, we got some jobs done around the house that needed doing, my husband was happy to tag along and help. I am very grateful I got to spend time with him. Watery smile on my face now. Big hugs for you and Phillip, be expecting a little something from me!

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