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  1. Hi, BAHS ’75 here. We have a lot in common. Love your blog. Read part of your book. Will read the rest as soon as I get a new Kindle. Hope life is not being nasty to you. Mine is but I am fixing it. – Peter

    1. what a wonderful man you are, this will have taken perseverance and staying power, especially as it is knitting, and it is easy for people to knock knitting, way to go …. from a granny in

  2. Love your teddy bears. Wanted to buy one for my great grandson but it said they were all sold out :(. Do you have a waiting list? I especially like te one you said saved you. Thanks and God bless you. Karen

  3. Hi there! I love your work. I have left a post on your facebook page but I then read that here is probably the best place to contact you. I was wondering if you could possibly make me a bear please? My mother in law has been looking to get a bear for my son in memory of his great grandfather. As he was in the British navy during WW2 I was wondering if you could make my bear wearing a navy uniform (white shirt, navy neckerchief and navy trousers)? If this is not possible I would still like to purchase a bear. However if a navy bear would be possible, how much would I be looking at to buy and have sent to New Zealand?? Keep up the good work! Look forward to hearing from you!! Cheers, Faye x

  4. Lovely work! I have issues with counting (I can’t keep track) so I crochet instead and mark the beginning of the round with a bobby pin. And I love the blog post about starbucks and cops! My husband saw it and posted it on my Facebook page.

  5. I love knitting and crocheting, love your story in Starbucks my favourite coffee shop!! when i crochet i feel productive and elated. Crocheting lifts my mood, love it….

  6. 12 years ago I was struggling with infertility at nearly 40. I became deeply depressed when doctors told me I had only a remote chance of getting pregnant & having a child. One day husband started bringing me what he called “Feel Better Bears” to help me feel better. It did. When I saw the love in the faces of those with your bears – I connected immediately! Yours truly are Feel Better Bears! When you hold such a lovingly made & given creature, you can’t help but feel better. I ended up

  7. What a joy to have found you and your writing, your awesome writing, I like your way with words. You made me laugh with the Starbucks story and cry with your video, that shouldn’t happen but it did and I hope we can all move on from there. We can’t start over and make a new beginning but we can start from here and make a new ending The Teddys are fantastic what a great idea together with your writing you should be more than encouraged. I am also a knitter and know what 16 hours a day of knitting is like, I usually go on until I finish the sweater or whatever until it is done.
    One thing I noted is that I think you could charge more for your Teddys. I see craft sales and they sell for more, don’t know what you think about that or if you want to make it manageable for more folks at the price they are now. There is also your expenses to paypal and shipping. I just want to see you doing really well not just getting by. Thank you for the inspiration of doing something so worth while it is a pleasure to have found you.
    (not hitting on you I am old enough to be your Mom)

  8. Ok, big boy, can you do Emily Orton’s circular cast on? I can’t and I am jealous because you can use dp needles! Took me untl 40 to “come out” as a male knitter in public. Love your work; your attitude even more. Lots of kindness and warmth.

  9. Delightful to see a man knitting! I am an 81 year old gal who began knitting in 3rd grade when our class learned to knit squares which the Red Cross ladies crocheted together to make blankets and I never stopped — love it — it’s what keeps me going & gives me satisfaction. Keep it up!

  10. I love this story!!! I’m a knitter myself and I have made bears. I’m so happy you were able to get help.

  11. I don’t know how to reach you.. where do you have your bears displayed? I want one!! Do you have a WEB site, E-Mail address?? HAAAALP!

    1. Hi Dorthy ~ for whatever it maybe worth ~ he may get more comments here with the story gaining so much attention so just in case it gets buried I found this info when I clicked on the photo listed under Read my latest book in the top right hand corner of this page & also saw the same info in 1 or 2 blog posts below the entry posted July 6th (on his Home page) . It appears they average $75.

      ” Custom ordered bear. You decide the color and let me know who it’s for and I’ll make a custom bear just for you or tiger or lion!) I usually work with wool and alpaca, and some rather nice acrylics.
      Be sure to email me at with the details!
      Please allow at least 8 weeks for delivery!”

    1. Hi Cindy ~

      I found this info when I clicked on the photo listed under Read my latest book in the top right hand corner of this page & also saw the same info in 1 or 2 blog posts below the entry posted July 6th (on his Home page) . It appears they average $75.

      ” Custom ordered bear. You decide the color and let me know who it’s for and I’ll make a custom bear just for you or tiger or lion!) I usually work with wool and alpaca, and some rather nice acrylics.
      Be sure to email me at with the details!
      Please allow at least 8 weeks for delivery!”

  12. Wonderful story. I’m on disability and have taken up knitting. I also do bears and other animals. I have an etsy shop but finding it hard to sell…congrats to you!!!!

  13. Awesome story! I would like to purchase one of your teddy bears. Can you please tell me the link to your etsy store?

  14. I found your blog when your story came out in Yahoo. I already hit liked on facebook and made a post in my wall. Kudos for you for the awesome good change that came into your life.

  15. Loved your story. Like I always tell my kids…. good things happen to good people (eventually…..) you just can’t give up. Ever. Love, faith, security, peace of mind – that’s worth more than anything. May you soon have all you need to eliminate the fear and worry in your mind. Enjoy these moments, you deserve them.

  16. Hi! What a wonderful story. I hope all works out for you. Where can I find the pattern for the bears. They ate so adorabl & I would like to make them.

  17. I looked for you on Etsy, but can’t find a place to order! I have a 15-month old son who needs a knitted animal 🙂

  18. Hi, my name is Jen from the Philippines. Your story is so inspiring. The photos of people hugging, cuddling the bears you knitted made me cry because it reminds me of my own children who also love stuffed animals. It’s like I saw how they look like when I am away from home because of work. Please keep on inspiring people.

  19. I especially like how each bear has such a sweet expression, yet they all look a wee bit different. Love your work!

  20. I saw your story on the internet…AMAZING… I was wondering if you still knit and if so how can I buy a teddy bear as well.

  21. You are amazing man. You took a skill and made life better for your self. Awesome job. You made me smile. Good luck in the future. I will think on you often every time I do something crafty. You really are an inspiration! Nothing but the best to you and yours!

  22. I am so touched about your story. Wow, so facinating. I had to download one of your books (Slip, slip, knit). Another thank you for the patterns in it. I will now go and read. Carry on the way you are doing! Yvonne

  23. Thank you for sharing. So enjoy your blog and am happy that your life has turned around. It makes me believe that mine will too.

  24. Hi Gregory, I met you only about 6 months ago but am captivated by your essence.
    I just finished your book- it arrived last week. I highly recommend it to anyone who is
    gentle but strong and who understands the human spirit to any degree. To me, you are the Phoenix. Do you have any of your original teddys, the one that saved you? If yes, I’d love to buy one- and his name will be Phoenix.
    With respect for what you do,

  25. Hi Greg! Just saw your post about getting questioned by police at Starbuck on Huffington Post 🙂 Love your bears!! I first got started knitting by making teddy bears!! They are so much fun to make. Any chance you would be willing to share your pattern with a fellow teddy bear knitter?? Selling the patterned might be a good way to get some extra cash…check out …lots of us crazy knitters buy patterns for cute things 🙂 Happy teddy bear knitting! Teddy Hugs!

  26. Heard about you this morning on Herman Cain’s radio show in Atlanta GA and wrote down your web address so I could come take a look. I’m glad I did. Great story, great inspiration and who doesn’t love teddy bears! Thanks and I hope there’s some good return on the information provided on Herman’s show.

  27. Hi,
    I’ve read your blog for a couple of weeks now. I like your bears they are cute. I knit some. Mostly blankets and scarfs and as my boyfriend calls them pot holders, those squares that are “practice” but I figure one day I’ll have enough to make a blanket.
    What I was really wondering was if you’ve ever thought of incorporating the bears. Perhaps you can get some of the people that are in shelters, give them lessons on knitting and give them a profit of the bears they knit. It would help them and you, as your health is bad you could make more bears and fill more orders.
    Just a thought.

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