I Call it Croquet Crochet

DSC_0121So, my mother had all these bits and pieces of yarn all over the place and had no idea what to do with it. I said, “work up some granny squares, make an afghan.” Well, to get rid of the stuff, she did a simple back and forth rib stitch to make a lap blanket (measures about 5 feet by 4 feet) with all these multitude of colors. She was a little concerned, a touch worried about it being a little too vibrant and too bright…..and the more I looked at it, the more I thought about croquet. Yeah! It reminded me of all the colors on the croquet posts, of the mallets, and all I could think was, it reminds me of croquet! Yeah! What an awesome blanket to have about the field while your playing croquet mimicking the colors of the player’s mallets. After all, there is a moment or two, when its best to sit on the grass and while your playing a match, just to enjoy the breeze, rest for a second, have a drink and recharge before terrifying your opponents with trick shots and strategic positioning so that the cower at your turn at the mallet. 🙂

DSC_0115She said if I sold it, I’d get a percentage, so I thought, Sure! Not enough people play croquet, not enough people really know how much fun it can be when the weather is right, when the whole afternoon is filled with good friends, vibrant colors, good nibbles, and a good couple of wacked shots to knock your opponent off the field. So! Here you go, a blanket perfect for a grassy field, vibrant and great for lounging on while resting between games, perfectly machine washable, and a reminder of the brilliance of life’s vibrancy and good times….OH! And a pic of me playing croquet over Thanksgiving with my family down in North Florida. I still haven’t had my Birthday Croquet afternoon, yet. My friend Jeremy owes me a match….. Click here if you want the blanket!   Its the only one!