“KNITTER BE DAMNED” Ep13 “Our First In House Guest.”

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Strange, the Yarn You Find at a Thrift Store

You’d be amazed at what you can find at a thrift store.

Our friend, Kara, is a HUGE thrift store shopper. She’s always on the look out for a bargain. Where Phillip and I contain ourselves to the one little church thrift store around the corner, Kara wields her way around town in her little car, hitting multiple second hand shops. She popped by the other day holding two huge grocery bags FULL of yarn….all perfect for Phillip’s madness. Fun fur, boucle, chenille. She said, “I saw this at the thrift store! Thought you would make good use of it!” It is PERFECT  yarn for Phillip’s Strange Friends.

He whipped up this little guy, FINALLY going back to his beautiful creativity of bright and vibrant, wild and unaware, amusing and clever. I was so happy to see that all he needed was a gift from the heavens, two bags full of fun and delight. Right on, sweet heart. Glad to see you have your mojo back. I love his little green grinner. I love the way Phillip mixed the fun fur with other yarn to come up with this soft little guy that beams with agreement. If you’d like to have him, click here. 

The minute it was finished (somewhere around 7am?) I took a picture, listed it, then shouted, “LET’S GO!” We have a very special guest coming tomorrow, so we whipped through the house cleaning every crack and crevice we could. We asked if they would be on our little show, and they happily said yes, so we wanted to make sure the apartment looked as good as possible. You know you’re into deep cleaning when you pull out EVERY single attachment to the vacuum cleaner. 🙂 Now, we won’t say who our guest is. Some may not care. Some may think it’s a wonderful first guest. But, we’re looking forward to it. And we hope you’ll tune in to see.

And we’re also looking forward to what the summer brings. We have little stokes in the fire that we hope get red hot, burn up brightly, and bring new and wonderful things our way. We’re elusive at the moment, that is true. Because we don’t want to spoil anything until everything is set in concrete. But, these things look pretty, PRETTY tied up, and soon, we’ll be able to let you all know what we’re up to.

So, that’s enough for now. I’ve got to get back to cleaning! The only thing left to tidy? My yarn stash… 🙂

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Come Out of the Box, Sweetheart

I had the most amazing argument with Phillip yesterday. Imagine this: he’s been busy working up a new Strange Friend and suddenly I hear, “Damn!” I asked what was wrong and he replied, “I’ve run out of this yarn! I can’t finish him!” I just at him oddly. “Use a different color.”

“I can’t do that! It wouldn’t look right.”

“Dude, have you seen your Strange Friends? Have you not figured out yet that YOU can make them any way that you want? That there are no rules?”

“I get that, but there is a certain formula I follow.”

“Fine. What else do you have to do?”

“I have a body, a head and two limbs.”

“Who says he needs more limbs?”


“Fine. Do what you want. Agonize over it. I don’t care…..”

So, for hours, it was this back and forth of ideas of how to make it work, with all of my suggestions being too far out of the box, too unrestrained, too out of control and against the working miracle that is the making of a Strange Friend.

I suggested he turn him upside down. “Yeah, and then move the little limbs over here, or maybe over there, or down here. Play with it.”

Finally he reappears with the finished product. Something we like to call, “The Ghost of a Mr. Chicken.” And Phillip FINALLY got the idea. Play around with it. It’s an art, a craft, there is no formula. “I have to admit,” he said. “I was terrified to go off my usual track.”

But, there you have it. A new idea, a new way of thinking. Thanks to a little improvising. Cheers! Phillip has some other new Strange Friends in the shop you should check out, too. Just click here.

Peace everyone….and come out of the box!


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Knit Intolerance

You shouldn’t be surprised. None of us should be surprised. When you gather a certain number of eyes, there are some who think you’re stealing views from them. The knitting community has come to look like some sort of high school party. And if you’re getting attention for being off and unusual, then those that have spent years cultivating a certain perception begin to get pissed because they feel you’re stealing some thunder.

It’s awfully sad. You can have your friends, and I can have mine. And no one said our friends couldn’t be the same. But, I’ve seen a distinctive need to push me out of the knitting world for an awfully long time now, but here, it comes to the point where I can no longer shrug it off and disregard it. For now, they’ve decided to call upon facebook to claim that my posts are spam. Yes. That’s right. Not the deliciously fun treat, but that my posts are offensive for their overt marketing (?). Apparently, facebook has received complaints….Yes, work that one out in your head for a minute. A little army of bitter knitters claiming tolerance has decided to take to their complaints to the masters that run this game and say I’m not playing fair. I’m not playing by the rules. I’m not being PC.  They say I should have been gone by now. They’ve been working on it for the last year. And why the HELL is “HE” still here?

If you think these tactics will frighten me, then you’ll have to reconsider your game plan. I’m a tenacious man, a very stoic man on occasion. I don’t get easily swayed by emotion. I don’t cower and cry. I apologize only for mistakes, not for opinion. If I take a hit, I fall, but I stand right back up again wondering what on earth you think you’re going to accomplish by trying to take me down. If you want me to go, that’s not going to happen. You’re just going to have to deal with that. And, again, if you don’t get your way, you can’t scream and cry and yell that I’m here. You’re just going to have to tend to that truth. I’m not going anywhere. And no amount of whining on your part will change that. DEMANDING someone leave because you don’t like them is NOT tolerance, sweetheart. It screams of fascism and juvenile behavior.

And you and I both know who you are. I could call you out by your name, I could describe you in a very vindictive and mean way, I could parade your physical monstrosity, and your self loathing insecurities on parade for all the world to see. I could tell them where you live, what you do for a living, and what you ate (much of) for dinner last night….But, I won’t. Because I won’t rummage in the same nonsense you find fun in.

This isn’t the first time we have to tend to this, and it probably won’t be the last. Unfortunately, some people think someone else’s success takes away from their own.

I’m not amused by idiocy, I’m not partial to childishness. I won’t fight you back, because, to be truthful, I’m far too busy building something beautiful for myself, my friends, my crochitters, and most importantly, my family.

Your sad energy will burn you alive. And I will have nothing to do with it. Your hatred will do it for me.

I’ll win by focusing my energy on taking care of people, not taking them down.

So, you carry on. I’ll out win you, just by simply letting you burn yourself up with rage. The rest of us? We’re going to win.


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Knit and Dream With the One You Love

If you expect love to be all about champagne, caviar, fresh strawberries and lounging in a spa, then you’ve expected something unreal, and possibly unnatural. Love is quietly bright in cut off shorts and sweatpants, in cheese and crackers, in horrible films played on television. Love is shown in nothing special, but rather, when nothing special becomes an amazing moment.

I’ve had the best day with my husband. Rather than spending our day apart, working from separate spaces, meeting each other for lunch in passing, we decided to grab our chairs, pull them up to the television, grab some cheese and crackers (and some Lebanese bologna, jalapenos, mustard and crackers), and watch a movie marathon.

Now, picture it. The two of us. Side by side. Crochitting. Laughing. Nibbling on snacks. Together. And that’s the word I wanted to hone in on. Together. Both of us working towards a life together, and enjoying the simple moments life hands us. Cheese and crackers. Old movies on what we used to call UHF channels. Not champagne and caviar. We were lounging on the couch, not in a hot tub feeding each other strawberries. Nope. Real love is sharing ideas, hopes, dreams of what all of this could one day mean.

I spent the day with my husband, but also with my partner, the one I want to experience life with. And in that time, and while watching films, slinking around with full bellies bellowing out from t-shirts, we started planning for the future. How to make that dream a reality, and the only way we could have gotten to that point was to be at our loveliest worst (as far as other’s might say). Here. Real and raw, we saw with laughter and enjoyment, precisely what we want to do and where we want to go.

Try it for a day. Knit with the one you love for a day and you’ll see your horizons brighten, and you’ll begin to remember that real love is something as simple as a plate of cheese and crackers, a couple of laughs, and a ton of dreams.

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The Sum of What They Said

And some said, you’re pushing too hard, you look desperate. You look like a beggar, no different than a pan handler. And some said, you’re turning people away with your beg-a-thons. And some said, your time is up, your little minute of viral fame is over, you’re no longer needed, wanted. And some said that my being  homeless was nothing but a marketing ploy, a ruse to get attention. And some said that everything I stand for is pure garbage. Everything I represent is trash. And some said, everything I knit is a one trick pony. A teddy bear….over and over again. And some said that those same bears bought and sold should be burned because of my political beliefs. Yes, that is what some said. “I no longer want it in my house. I’d sell it on ebay, but I think it’s worth more in the trash.” And some said, the best part about about my career was that it was over before it had even begun. And some said, I was a joke. People bought my little bears because they felt sorry for me. And some said that I wasn’t even the one knitting them, that I was a front man for a lie. And some said some nasty things to which I can’t recount, for the delivery I give is in no way as graphic as theirs. And some said I was finished. Some said my career was over, for I was begging to make a buck so I could pay my bills….And some said,  I wasn’t the Mad Man Knitting, I was the Sad Man Knitting. And some said, he’s better back on the streets.

And I can only respond to some of the things that some said with this:

I pray that the sum of what some say will never hurt you. I pray that you will never be in that situation….

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