The Secret Life of Cats

When I first met Phillip, our friendship started on a mutual appreciation for each others artistry. I knit and write, he does stenciled prints.

“About what,” I asked?

His response? “The secret life of cats….”

I took a peek at his work and grew fond of it quite quickly. They reminded me of Mario and her madness. What in the world does she do when I’m not around? What does she think about? What is she conspiring in that little feline mind? Well, Phillip’s prints truly did capture that.

tb,1200x1200,small.2I saw this one print of his and said, “Dude! You have to! YOU HAVE to make this bigger, more. Keep going.” He was developing this story line about a battle between cats and mice, each of them with their own combative agenda, each creature dedicated to the destruction of another. And I fell in love with it. I truly could see the story line happen slowly. But, instead of comic panels, they were done in a pillow, a coffee cup, on a tote bag. There are cats playing…then suddenly surrounded by mice in a sneak attack. Suddenly a battle breaks out.

mug,standard,x400,center-bg,ffffffI was impressed. I truly was. It’s one thing to tell a story, to write about things in the fashion that I do, but it’s an entirely different idea to carry the story from a pillow to a coffee cup. And even more so, the idea that the first print, the tote, was something akin to fashion of the “American in Paris” 50’s, and then the second print, the coffee cup, was an ode to something that reminded you of Batman in the 60’s. Now, I’ve been peeking over his shoulder and I’ve seen the next one, which does remind one of war films of the 70’s.

tpr,875x875,s.62Maybe that’s the trick? I haven’t asked him yet, but maybe each print tells not only the continuing saga of the secret life of cats and their ongoing battle with mice….but an homage to pop culture identity per decade….or maybe, that as time has progressed innocence has been tossed aside for the sake of violence? Will have to ask him about that.

Wow. Good job, Phillip 🙂 So take a peek at his work. I think you’ll find it interesting, humorous and…..might make you rethink the secret life of cats. Just click on the pics to see his work.




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