I Have A New View

I just couldn’t take it anymore. Not only was the difference in light so striking, but the view….I just couldn’t deny myself that view!

Now, I have loved my workspace, I truly have. I spend hours on end in this cozy little den that I’ve built for myself. My yarn, my thread, my books, are all within wicked reach. But, there was only one tiny, little window to look out of. Admittedly, it was serene scene of the lugustrum and the vine covered fence out back. Beautiful, really.

But, I’m one of those tragic souls who has a merciless need for sunlight. Just like my little wildflowers popping up out front, I yearn to smile in the bright light of sun’s ever warming love. So, every time I’d walk through the living room, I’d just relish how wonderful the light was in there…..then gather my things, head to my workspace, and feel the change of light change my inspiration.

Now, I was about to type “mood,” but that isn’t true. My mood was fine, however, my inspiration waned…..Hence my sitting outside for 8 hours a day, wanting to put up a hammock and live out there. (Oh, I’m going to have to get one of those adorable straw hats. The tips of my big ears are blistered and sunburnt. And I attest that I had absolutely no clue).

So, I ran the idea by Phillip and he agreed to let me switch rooms. We’ll put the living room in my workspace, and we’ll make the living room my new place to create and work. I’ve put my desk right up against that gigantic picture window so that I could not only see this beautiful world that I have found myself in all the time, but so that I could be inspired by it. It’s only been a few minutes since I’ve sat down to write this blog post and already my head is swirling with creative ideas. Plus, Betty seems to like the change, too 🙂

It can be hard for a writer. But, I think it can be even harder to live with a writer. We require so many conditions in order to get to that particular place where the magic happens, where the soul sings and you just pour through your finger tips whatever words you cleverly hear thrown in the air. The right light, the right sounds, the right frame of mind. All of them have to be just right. And in the process of all those conditions you worry so much if people will love what you’ve penned. You pray for it. Someone asked me how you make money at writing. Well, you really shouldn’t think about any creative venture that way. Especially writing.

I have a donate button because that tends to be the only way that I get paid for my work. And I am so grateful to write something that causes people to give their support, because behind that support is encouragement. And that helps someone with their craft more than you know. The point is to move people with what you create….and if moved, people will show you their appreciation.

(And I will say with no shame that on days when you haven’t a penny to your name, five dollars floated your way causes you to jump for joy).

I am also fortunate that I live with someone who doesn’t mind if I take over the living room just so that I can write. That is his way of showing support and encouragement. (Besides, he’s gotten something of a “man cave” out of the deal and he seems to be loving it. As a matter of fact, he’s back there now listening to an old Burl Ives record and cat napping on the couch).

Ok, now that I’m settled into this new view, I’m ready to start moving forward. I am so excited to see what beautiful things are created with these hands, what things are inspired by this new view. And I thank all of so much for giving me the support and encouragement to continually grow, heal, and move forward.

If you appreciate my blog and would like for it to continue, please donate. Every bit helps and I wouldn’t have the courage to do this without you. Thank you!



  1. Gregory,, just curious… what happened with your sewing machine and making curtains?? Love your new set up!!

  2. You both take care of each other in loving ways which makes me smile and I pray for great health to you both love you’ll. 🙂 You both inspire each other that is so cool and so awesome. Hugs and love to you both. 🙂 Hugs Toni Grandon. 🙂

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