The First Video Tutorial.




  1. That was awesome, Gregory! Now I get how the head has some shaping. Did you invent that method? You’re brilliant!

    It was so neat to see the little critter face emerging. I could see several different creatures in there as you progressed. At one point, he looked like Snoopy, and I could see a beagle variation. Then he looked like a groundhog and I could see a Wiarton Willie (or Punxa… Phil for you). Maybe there are some more marketing ideas in there for you… 🙂

    Thanks so much for posting these!

  2. I finished my bear! He’s cute, but not nearly as cute as the ones you make. His face ended up a little thin and long, but I still love him!! Thanks so much for sharing your pattern and doing the tutorial on how to embroider the face!

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