….And Don’t Forget His Dyer, Tyler.

IMG_1990Jonathan Berner sent me some yarn a few months ago from his company, MJ Yarns. You see? Another fella with his hand on yarn. Love it! See? We are everywhere 🙂 Jonathan (…and don’t forget his dyer, Tyler!) work up, wind up, dye up this yarn themselves. And I was anxious to get my hands on it.

The minute it arrived, I pulled it out of the box and fell in love. In LOVE! This yarn was awesome, blending a soft love affair between wool and silk in strands that slipped through my fingers as I knit up teddy bears with it. Their little faces grew quietly and quickly, with a softness that was akin to the real meaning of the word “plush.”

IMG_2257So, if you’d like one of the bears I made up with Jonathan’s yarn, click here. Now, each of those bears was done using my pattern for “The Teddy Bear That Saved Me,” in both my Ravelry and Craftsy shops. And if you’d like to make this bear yourself with MJ Yarns, snag a hank here. It’s quite nice seeing so many fellas with yarn in their heart…..Yeah! Each bear is ready to ship with a signed card by me. Enjoy!

Next blog…I wanna talk about my rosary….

willknitcoversmallThis is the story of how I knit my way out of homelessness. To order an autographed copy of “Will Knit For Food” click here, or for a Limited Edition personalized, signed paperback copy with t-shirt, click here.

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